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Castle Pines


art show may 9 and 5 2018

Our most amazing art teacher, Mrs. Fischer, will be hosting her annual Elementary Art Show May 9 & 10 from 4pm to 7pm. Every student will have some art in the hallways to be viewed. Please come and support our art community and students during conferences!  The Technology department will be showing various works from this year throughout grades K-5. We’ll have a slideshow/video playing in the library and computers setup with student created games you’ll be able to play!


Please Come & Support our amazing school! :)







2018 District Art Show Winners Poster  



Douglas County District Art Show Exhibition

K-12 Visual Art Show


Show Dates:    4/6/18 through 4/9/18


Where:  Hilton Garden Inn 1050 Plaza Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Gallery hours 10 AM - 8 PM






DONATIONS are always appreciated!

The art department thanks all of those that donate to our amazing department. Our students use all of these materials throughout the year and especially in ECA's, if I have enough materials for everyone. THANK YOU.
1. Coffee Tins
2. Toilet paper rolls
3. Newspaper
4. Magazines
5. Extra paper (Scrapbook paper would be amazing.)
6. Watercolors
7. Markers
8. Colored Pencils
9. Stickers of any kind
10. Cardboard
11. Yogurt or plastic containers
12. Pringles Cans
13. Aluminum Foil
14. Fabric
15. Old Vases
16. Old Boots
17. "How to draw" Art books
18. Sponges
19. Plastic Wrap
20. Storage Bags (zip-lock style)
21. Wood scraps
22. Blender
23. Yarn- Any color appreciated
24. Cookie Cutters
25. Any type of craft supplies
26. Ribbon (Any color)
27. Pliers of any kind (hammers, screw drivers...)

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for the art room please check out all of the volunteer opportunities below and please email me at
I truly appreciate any help I can get during these very busy times of the year. Thank you.
  1. Cleanup the art room any day of the week during 2:41 pm - 3:35 pm

  2. Art Show
    • District Art show certificates and mini gifts

    • End of the year art show: (Food, Set up, Take down, Volunteers for watching doors, Volunteers for holding signs, Volunteers by the kona ice.)