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Welcome to Ms. Carlson's Dramatic Arts Class!  I am a professional actress, director, and artistic director that has taken the leap into teaching!  This class will focus on building confidence and strong presentation skills.  Your student will participate in activities that teach tricks on how to focus, utilize their right and left brain, memorization, improvisation, getting over stage fright, and building confidence.



Participation 50%

Students will receive a bi-weekly active participation grade (5 points daily/25 points weekly).  Participation can be earned through positive daily behavior and interaction with classmates.  It can also be earned by positively participating in class activities.


Projects and Assignments 50%

Students will demonstrate their knowledge on four projects per trimester. Each assignment will be out of 50 points.  For more information see the project list.


Project 1 – Neutral Scenes

Students with a partner, will be responsible for choosing between two different neutral scenes and performing that scene in a unique way.  They will each have the ability to create a 3-dimensional character of their own.  They will create the circumstances around each scene and develop the blocking.  They will receive positive and constructive feedback on their performance so that we can identify specific weaknesses that they can improve throughout the trimester.   


They will be graded on their vocal abilities, memorization, confidence, energy and emotion, focus, character development, tempo and rhythm, and the goals and strategies of each character in the scene.


Project 2 – Technical Theatre with Play Reading

As a class, the students will read a historical play written in 1916.  Each student will then be placed into a group.  As a group they will design the sets, costumes, lighting, and provide a director’s script analysis for the play.  


They will be graded on their team collaboration and all of the technical elements that they put together.


Project 3 – Scene Writing & Performance

In this project, the students will be put into groups.  Each student will be given a passport from a real individual who was on the Titanic.  Then the students will do research and create a scene around the characters that they have.  Finally, they will perform the scenes for their peers.


They will be graded on all aspects of Project 1 and the collaboration with their team.


Project 4 – Playwriting & Performance

Their final project will be a group project where each group rewrites and twists a fairytale.  The students will be responsible for the playwriting, acting, blocking, and all technical aspects of their show.  The students will have the choice of performing in the show or being part of the technical team that designs the sets, costumes, lighting, and sound.  Each group will perform their play for their peers. 

All students will have a group collaboration and participation grade.  They will also have an individual grade which will be based on their performance and the improvement that they have during the trimester.  They will also be graded on all aspects listed under Project 1, 2, and 3.