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Dramatic Arts/Film Production

Welcome to Mr. A's Drama and Film Class!  I am a professional actor, director, and screenwriter that has worked in the industry for 11 years.  This class will focus on building confidence and strong presentation skills for both theatrical and film acting. As well as giving each student a finished film to show to high schools, friends and family. Your student will receive an overview of possible career options as an actor/actress and what this industry has in store for them.



Participation 30%   Students will receive a bi-weekly active participation grade (5 points daily/25 points weekly).  Participation can be earned through positive daily behavior and interaction with classmates.  It can also be earned by positively participating in class activities.


Assessments 40%   Students will demonstrate their knowledge on four projects per trimester. Each assignment will be out of 50 points. The Assessments can be viewed below. 


Final Project 30%  Students will have the final 2 weeks of class to put together and film a 1-3 minute monologue or dialogue in small groups. Students will be graded on their knowledge gained in the course and will have a product to showcase to friends, family, and future high schools.

Assessment 1 – Stage Performance

Students will learn basic stage direction and character development. All any character is, is a current circumstance and a backstory. Students will learn how to develop a back story for any circumstance they can find themselves in. By the end of this assessment they will be able to create characters on their own and perform them with confidence.  


They will be graded on their projection, confidence, energy, character integrity, passion, and their ability to maintain character.  


Assessment 2 – Comedy

Students will learn the basic rules for comedy. Students will be educated on the different types of comedy and will be taught the rules of Improv. They will be able to continue scenes that are on the brink of failing by following the "Yes, and" rule.


The students will be graded on their ability to perform in improv games with measured confidence.


Assessment 3 – Film

Students will be introduced to the craft of film and the many different positions in the film industry. They will be introduced to working with lighting equipment and how to perform in front of a camera.


In groups of 3, Students will take 3 photos (Medium shot, Close Up and Wide Shot), in small groups and will be graded on creativity within their imagery.


Assessment 4 – Accents

Students will be introduced to 4 different accents in this week (Southern, English, New York and German) and students will learn how to slip in and out of accents with ease. 


Students will be graded on an accent of their choosing and their ability to maintain a conversation in the accent.


Final Project - Production

For the final 2 weeks of class students will be placed into small groups to film monologues or scenes. They will follow the basic steps in film production (Pre-production, Production and Post) and will be able to work hands on with film equipment and have a finished product to show perspective high schools. Each student will be required to act in at least 1 film.


This project will be graded on ability to complete their project with clean production and performance. Students will receive bonus points for attempting scenes in an accent and their ability to become another character.