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Castle Pines

About Ms. Solita


B.A. in English, University of Colorado
Teacher Licensure Program, University of Colorado

Special awards

Chosen as Apple Award winner for ACS in 2008
Chosen as Star Teacher Council member for the Colorado League of Charter Schools 2011

Home town

Chelsea, Massachusetts


Support the Regis boys' basketball program that my husband helps coach, Reading and writing, Fitness and nutrition


Husband, two sons, and one daughter


Serve in church nursery

Favorite Things

Allergies: I am allergic to preservatives, primarily in commercially baked items - I can eat homemade though!

Coffee/tea: Soy Misto from Starbucks

Snack: Nuts

Night out restaurant: Outback, Maggianos

Lunch restaurant: Chipotle

Place to shop: TJ Maxx

Bookstore: 2nd and Charles

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Geraniums

Color: Olive Green and Orange

Sports team(s): Basketball

Silly fact about me: I was born in a taxi cab