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Castle Pines


Music Technology In-Person

Hello All!  

My name is Emily Armstrong and I am thrilled to be teaching your middle schoolers in-person for Music Technology this year! My background lies in the arts – specifically in vocal performance/musical theater so I am no stranger to the importance of music from all generations – both live and recorded. I believe that music has the unique quality of both being deeply personal and widely universal. Music can create shared experiences, move hearts and bring people together, which I believe is the most important lesson for kids to learn – especially in this time we’re all going through!


In the classroom, I place a huge value on appreciating music of all styles from all eras. We begin with a foundation of music appreciation, then move forward toward how most music today is produced. From there, the students are given hands on activities where they can take the sounds they’ve listened to and create their own music using the power of technology. I am constantly amazed by the wonderful music and unique perspective that every child offers and can not wait to see what each student brings to the table at American Academy.