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Castle Pines


End of the Year!
All 3-5 students are finishing up their FitnessGram assessments!  Congratulations!  These assessments focus on the 5 Health Related Fitness Components; Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Body Composition.  If you would like, you can ask your student for their results. 
Field Day!
Field Day is coming up for our Elementary students on May 22nd!  It would be wonderful to have as many volunteers as we could get!  Time slots are available for each grade level, and we can even break it down to specific games/activities, or groups if you would like!  There will be a game list available at conferences if you are interested in something specific.  Please click on the Signup Genius link to sign up now!
Thank you for such a great year!