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Castle Pines

Middle School (6-8)

Welcome to 2021-2022

Hello and welcome to the middle school music class. My name is Mr. Porter and I have been welcomed into the music and performing arts team at American Academy. For this year I will be taking a leading role in your music education as we restart in-classroom learning. I will be travelling and sharing music at Castle Pines during the second trimester.


Schedule a Conference with Mr. Porter

If you would like to schedule a conference with Mr. Porter, please visit the following link to schedule. All conferences will be held via Zoom.

Middle School: Mr. Porter 2022 Middle School Parent-Teacher Conference T2 (


What's in a Name: Music Technology

I am one of the newest, mint-in-the-box teachers at American Academy. Due to my previous experience as a classically-trained musician, we have changed the course of this class with your students to focus more on general music and music appreciation with the express intent of fostering musically literate and appreciative young people. We will discuss in depth musical instruments and timbre, large and small ensembles, music history and cornerstone works, music literacy, and careers in music. This content culminates at the end of the six weeks with a composition and improvisation unit that students complete on the ukulele, piano, or with percussion instruments. Students will conduct small research projects, complete various and sundry assignments, and perhaps most importantly listen to some of the most important pieces in Western Music.



Participation 50%

Students will receive a weekly active participation grade that follows the students participation during a week, which I assess through their contribution to our group discussions: 20 points. 


Projects and Assignments 50%

Students will demonstrate their knowledge on one project/assignment per unit. Assignments point values may vary depending on the difficulty of the assignment: usually between 20 and 40 points