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Kindergarten News

Friday, October 26, 2018

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

We hope you all have had a great week!  We have a lot of important information for you this week so please read carefully!

In Math class, your students will soon be learning all about different coins. We will be counting, sorting, adding and subtracting money this year. If you are able, we are asking that each student please bring in some coins for practicing. Each student will need the following: 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 10 nickels and 10 pennies. Please note that this will be a donation to our class bag of coins that we use so students can use real money for their learning. Thank you so much in advance! 

IA Gift
If you have not been able to meet them, we have some absolutely AMAZING IA’s for kindergarten. Susan Brust is our IA 3 days a week and Michelle Wisler 2 days a week. They help us with everything from lunch, to recess to making all of our copies and getting crafts ready. We could not survive without them! The students get to know them well and love them dearly! Each year, we ask families to donate $1, if you are able, for birthday, holiday and end of year gifts from the students. They do so much for us and we want to show them how much they are appreciated by giving them a little something from the kids.  If you would like to give a dollar (more if you would like), Please send it in an envelope addressed to Mrs. Sundgren. We will be collecting the money and spoiling them throughout the year. 

Fall Party
Next Wednesday, October 31st is the long awaited fall party! We are so excited for our first Kindergarten Party! All parents are welcome to attend the class parties, however, there are NO siblings allowed at the party. There are no exceptions to this rule. Party times are as follows:

Half Day: 9:40-10:40
Full Day: 12:20-1:20

Fall Party Reminders from Mrs. Bostick
Our Fall Party will be on Wednesday October 31. Please send your KINDERGARTEN child in their costume. Please remember that costumes should be:

§ School-appropriate - No scary costumes, no revealing costumes
§ No weapons of any kind - weapons are NOT ALLOWED on school grounds, even pretend weapons
§ Core Knowledge costume themes are strongly encouraged - the curriculum content is full of school-appropriate, creative costume ideas
§ Administration reserves the right to disallow a student costume if it fails to meet the guidelines. If a costume is disallowed, the student will need to wear their school uniform.

This week we continued to learn about the Sioux Native Americans. Ask your child about the Great Plains and the importance of the buffalo.

Thanksgiving Feast
Kindergarten will be having our annual Thanksgiving Feast on Nov. 16th from 8:20-10:50. We start by rotating through all the kindie classrooms doing different activities focused around Pilgrims and Native Americans. Then we have our feast in the kindie hallway all together. In order to have this super fun event, we need YOU! Please click on your child’s HOMEROOM teacher to see how you can help us put on this fun day for the kids!

Ms. Gaskell
Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Shilhan
Mrs. Sundgren

Kindergarten Specials

Kindergarten classes this week will be working on warm vs. cool colors. Warm colors make us feel hot and cool colors make us feel cold. Artists use these colors to give their viewers a feeling. Students will also be introduced to the beginning stages of Atelier training which initiates this question: Is the object wider or taller? For more information visit this WEBSITE.

Autumn is a time for story tellers. As the leaves fall and the air gets cold, we huddle up somewhere warm and tell stories, whether they be fond memories, folk tales, or of haunted houses. This week in kindergarten we are going to tell stories using singing and instruments. We are going to learn about timbre (texture of sound), high vs. low sounds, ensemble etiquette (when to play our instrument and when to be a listener), and learn about how every song tells a story. Favorite songs of the week: Herman the worm, Apple Tree, Nobody Loves Me, and Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar!

Students will be practicing their kicking and punting skills throughout our 3rd rotation of Physical Education. We will be implementing a variety of dynamic stretches to prevent injury, as well as dribbling, passing, trapping, and shooting techniques.

Students will continue to work on their typing skills this week. The focus is proper form. The next half of the week will be learning the basics of MS Word. Students will learn some formatting of fonts, how to add and alter pictures and shapes and we will learn to use the keys like “enter”, “backspace” and “delete”.