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Castle Pines

Kindergarten News

Dear Kindergarten families,


We hope you had a great long weekend and enjoyed the holiday. As a reminder this week you will only be able to view assignments in Microsoft Teams. You will find math, literacy and history plans in Teams from now on. Please do not rely on the scores or completion part of Teams. To view grades, we are still using Infinite Campus. This week for video chats we will be chatting with our MATH classes. Please sign your child up for a time with your child’s MATH teacher below. Have a great week and we are here to help! 😊


Mrs. Shilhan


Mrs. Miller


Mrs. Sundgren


Ms. Gaskell


Mrs. Williams



The Kindergarten Team


School Counselor

Our school Counselor, Ms. Stasio, has made herself available to meet with kids virtually! If you feel your child could benefit from meeting with her, feel free to CLICK HERE to schedule a student-counselor conference with her.


Please be sure you are completing all math work online in Think Central and clicking submit for credit. All work must be turned in on Think Central. See below for login information.


Think Central Information

After logging in to Think Central students will locate the daily Lesson, Math on the Spot, and Homework via Think Central/Math/Things To Do.  Please remember to press submit when your child completes his/her homework assignment.  BEFORE you press submit, please check that all questions have been completed and that there is a white check mark at the top left corner for each question.  An easy mistake students make is not pressing the arrow button to see more questions. As always, your child will have 24 hours to complete this assignment for full credit. During this period of virtual instruction, I will continue to observe AA's school wide late-work policy which you can find on our school website, should you need it. 


If you do not have an available laptop for your child to use at home, then you will need to contact the IT department at our school to schedule a time to pick one up. Please e-mail:  to kindly ask for a laptop to use during this time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail and ask! I am here to help during normal school hours and will get back to you as soon as I am able!


All KINDERGARTEN students’ Go Math usernames are their student ID# + ‘’.  For example, a student who’s student ID #(in Infinite Campus) is 123456 would have a username of and a password of 123456.


If you would like to utilize the student work pages as a resource, please see the .pdf's below. Please check your child's MATH teacher's individual Microsoft Teams page daily to confirm which lesson to complete each day and for further instructions.


Please check your child's READING teacher's individual Microsoft Teams pages for daily literacy instruction.