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Fifth Grade News

Friday, August 23, 2019

Dear Parents,

Your children had a wonderful first week. They worked very hard and did a great job of following directions. As you might already know, we began switching classes the second day of school and jumped right into the curriculum.  Throughout the week the 5th grade teachers were continually impressed with the student’s politeness and manners.

Back to School Night will take place on Thursday, August 29th at 6:00 PM. Please join us that night to hear about our new math program, Go Math, as well as the rest of your child’s 5th grade curriculum. After meeting your child’s homeroom teacher, you will rotate through your child’s daily schedule, meeting their teacher for each subject, and gaining a better understanding of what they will be learning throughout the school year.  Please begin the 5th grade Back to School Night in your child’s homeroom class.  

Our i-Ready testing began this week. The testing will take place over four days. The first two days consisted of the Language Arts portion of the test and occurred during their Literacy Block on August 22nd and 23rd.   The Math portion of the test will take place next Wednesday and Thursday during their Math class.

By way of reminder, all students will need headphones here at school, not only for i-Ready testing, but for our Go Math program. Additionally, each child does need to have a 3-ring zipper binder with a shoulder strap. We are working to try and keep the student’s organized and this is an important element of that endeavor. Thank you. 

The Fifth-Grade newsletter will be posted once per month on the first Friday of each month. However, since it is the beginning of a new school year, our newsletter is being sent home a couple of weeks early and will consist of information about August as well as September. You can also find our newsletter on the 5th grade webpage. 

As you will see below, this newsletter will contain an overview by each teacher of what your child will be learning in each of their subjects during the upcoming month.

Thank you,

The Fifth Grade Team

Subject Area News for August/ September:


Mrs. Garcia - Our first unit in math will focus on place value, multiplication, and expressions.  Students will be responsible for keeping a math notebook for writing daily notes and vocabulary in class.  Daily math homework will be given with approximately 20 to 25 problems.  It is also important for students to be studying and practicing their math facts.  Students will be taking the i-Ready Math test during the second week of school.  Please view Infinite Campus for assignments and test dates.  Please encourage your child to see me if they have any questions.

Mrs. Gay – Our foray into GO Math begins with place value, multiplication, and expressions, which is an excellent start to fill any gaps that may surface from our previous math program. This will be a good foundation for the rest of the year, too.  It’s hard to know how far we’ll go in September, as the lessons dive much deeper into the content, but I am planning on completing chapter 1 (12 lessons, 1 quiz and a test) and starting chapter 2 (9 lessons), which moves into division. We will also be completing the performance task included in chapter 1, which has the kids using what they’ve learned in a real-world application.

Ms. Meyers – In our new curriculum, Go Math, we will be beginning with Chapter 1 on Place Value, Multiplication and Expressions. We will spend time becoming comfortable and familiar with the curriculum’s daily routines, vocabulary and format. We will focus on Chapter 1 for about two weeks until the skill is generally mastered! There will be a mid-chapter quiz after lesson 5 and Chapter test after lesson 12. 

After we complete this test, we will move right into Chapter 2 on dividing whole numbers.

Every night, students will have homework with each lesson. Quizzes are always mid-chapter and tests are always at the end of a chapter. Re-teaching sheets will be utilized for any concepts students may struggle with.

Please make sure students are practicing their math facts as often as possible! Students will be taking the i-Ready Diagnostic test next week as well.  Please remember to view Infinite Campus for upcoming assignments and test dates.

Mrs. Hernandez – Between now and the end of September, our Math class will complete Chapters 1 and 2. Students will be learning about place value, multiplication, expressions and division of whole numbers. They will receive homework every day to be done at school.  After the homework is graded, it will be sent home so that parents can see how their child is doing.  Students will find this to be an engaging math program as they learn their daily lessons through in- class instruction, manipulatives and interactive online activities.



Mrs. Gay/Mrs. Garcia/Mrs. Williams – In Literacy for August and September, we will begin our first novel, Don Quixote.  We will work on comprehension skills, such as story elements (character, plot, setting, and theme), cause and effect, and author’s purpose.  Students will be responsible for keeping up with the reading material and activities.  Students will be assessed through chapter tests, comprehension questions, journal entries, vocabulary tests, and in class activities. 

Spaulding spelling tests will be given weekly beginning September 6th.  Spelling lists can be found in Infinite Campus.  Students will have weekly assignments in Spelling to practice their words.  

Hake Grammar will begin next week.  Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. 

In writing, students will focus on writing topic sentences with supporting details. 

Students will be taking the i-Ready Reading during the first week of school.

Mrs. Gay – In September we will become familiar with the procedures, practices, and terminology that we will be using in science class this year.  We will practice scientific graphing and be introduced to simple labs.  STEM starts the third week of September, but will be interrupted for a few days the last week in September for Outdoor Ed.  You should have received a separate email with details about getting signed up for Outdoor Ed, so please look for that if you haven’t read it yet.


Mrs. Hernandez - During the remainder of August and the month of September we will be studying the Renaissance. We will cover topics ranging from the great cathedrals of Europe to the d'Medici family through the Early and High Renaissance, and ending with the Northern Renaissance. We will be having at least two quizzes and one final test. There will be review activities to prepare for these tests. All of the information we will be learning will be stored in their Renaissance OneNotes.  This is your child's best resource in preparing for tests. Students will also be making an online movie project entitled Plotagon, which will accompany their learning of the great historical figures of the Renaissance. The project will not be due until October. More information will come home about this project in September.

Please email us with any questions:;;;;