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Grade 5 News

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
For the remainder of the 2017-18 school year the fifth grade team will be piloting Kickboard.  Kickboard is an amazing behavior management software system that affords our staff instant access to record the behavior of our students.  Teachers will utilize the program to reward students for positive behaviors that represent AA Character and Manners and work with students who display behaviors that require corrective action.  The students will be earning “Character Currency” through their positive interactions which can be used throughout the trimester on unique opportunities in the school.  At the same time, students can also lose “Character Currency” when a behavior is displayed that does not represent our core qualities.

For a more detailed overview of the program please view the PowerPoint below.

Parents are encouraged to download the app, through the link in the PowerPoint, to follow along with their student on their daily interactions.  Students have a link on their computer desktop that will utilize the same login and password as their parents.  We highly encourage utilizing the information in the app to discuss character development.  As teachers input interactions into the database, they will add notes to explain the interaction received by the student.

We are looking forward to implementing the program on Monday, February 5th! If you have any questions or feedback please contact our Dean of Students, Eric Ptolemy at
Friday, February 2, 2018
Dear Parents,
On Wednesday, February 14th, our Fifth Grade class will be having a Valentine’s Day party. During that time the class will be exchanging valentines. We will not be sending home classroom lists this year. If your child would like to pass out valentine cards, please have them address each of the cards as, Dear Friend. If your child would like to participate in the valentine exchange, please have them make cards for their 27 homeroom classmates. They may make additional cards for some students outside of their homerooms, but that is optional. Due to the new school rules about having food at parties, we ask that you please do not place any type of candy in the valentine cards. Thank you.
As part of our Valentine’s Day celebration we are also having an optional valentine box decorating contest. For this contest, your child may make a valentine box at their home. It can be as creative as they would like. It will be judged on the following four categories:
  • Most Creative
  • Most Beautiful
  • Most Funny
  • Most interesting use of hearts
There will be one winner for each category in each homeroom class. Following the valentine box competition, each homeroom will watch a movie. Students may bring in their own personal snacks to enjoy while we watch the movie. Snacks must be peanut free and students are not allowed to share.
On a final note, we would like to inform you that students will no longer be allowed to bring putty/goop to school. It has become a major distraction for the students. Additionally, it is not something that is appropriate for the students to be holding while they are working on their laptops. Thank you for your support with this matter.

Our principal, Mrs. Bostick, would like to send us some reminders:
If your child is sent home, our school nurse or health assistant will take the time to speak with you and let you know exactly when returning to school is allowed. While the guidelines may seem overly cautious, these are given to us by the district and health professionals and MUST be followed to ensure a healthy environment for all
  • After 24 hours of medication for the following conditions:
  • Strep throat
  • Infected skin eruptions
  • Other conditions requiring antibiotics
  • Exception: If being treated for Pertussis, student must be on antibiotics for 5 days before returning to school
  • The student has been free of the following conditions for at least 24 hours:
    • Fever (without benefit of fever-reducing medication)
  • The student has been free of the following conditions for at least 48 hours:
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
Our number one priority is always the health, safety, and well-being of our students. If you think your child may have any of these illnesses, please contact your health care provider, and do as you would want other parents to do, keep your kids home to prevent germs from spreading. We appreciate your consideration and cooperation in these matters.

Additionally, as the weather gets colder, we tend to see more and more uniform violations in regards to sweatshirts, leggings, boots etc. As teachers and principals, we want to specify some of the issues that we have been observing so that we can clear up any misconceptions and bring everyone up to the same standard with our uniform policy.
The uniform violations we see most often are non-AA sweatshirts and hoodies being worn in classes, socks that are not the approved red, white, navy, or black color and shirts being untucked. As an additional reminder, boots my not be worn in school. Leggings are for girls only and need to be solid red, white, navy, or black. They should be worn under a skirt, skort or jumper, never alone.
Uniforms are part of that esteemed culture here at American Academy, and we want to ensure we stay true to that. When we are dressed well and feel good, we perform that way. Please help out by ensuring your student has the appropriate uniform. I am happy to clarify or help any way I can. I often have kids bring socks in and say, “I’d like to wear these, is it ok?” I appreciate how they are advocating for themselves and seeking clarification.

Thank you for all the support you give to your student and our school. I hope everyone enjoys Super Bowl Sunday. It should be an interesting one in the Bostick household as we root for different teams.

~ Mrs. Bostick

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Fifth Grade Team
The Month of February:
Mr. Lundblad – In February, the math class will be doing lessons 83 – 100 in the Saxon Course 1 book. This will include topics such as volume of three dimensional objects, order of operations and circles. The class will also have “Deeper Thinking” math questions supplemented into their daily work.

Mrs. Gay - In February, we are working through lessons 80-95, and taking tests 16, 17, and 18 (two of those before the end of trimester 2). Lessons 80 – 95 cover problem solving, units of measure, geometric concepts, and number sense. We are also going to be having daily practice with fractions and decimals, and the different operations used with them, to strengthen our skills. If your student seems to be struggling with any concept, please encourage them to come see me during class or study hall.

Mrs. Garcia – In February, we will be working on lessons 70-85, focusing on converting fractions to decimals and vice versa, geometric concepts, and problem solving. We just took test 14 while the information was fresh in our minds, and we will be reviewing several concepts to prepare for test 13 before moving on to 15, and possibly 16. If your student seems to be struggling with any concept, please encourage them to come see me during class or study hall.

Mrs. Williams - This month in Mrs. Williams’ Math class, we will be covering Lesson 66-75. These lessons will include the following: reading a centimeter scale, naming decimal numbers, writing equivalent decimal numbers, displaying data, and changing improper fractions to whole or mixed numbers. Please encourage students to use One Note for daily vocabulary and to check homework/test days. OneNote also provides information on students’ weekly IXL assignments. IXL assignments are due every Thursday. Students are given a week to complete each IXL assignments. Students must know their multiplication tables. Multiplication facts are essential for continued success in 5th grade math!

Mrs. Hernandez – During February, we will cover Lessons 77-88. These lessons include reducing fractions, greatest common factor, geometric solids, mean, median, and mode, multiplying fractions, probability, and transformations. We will continue with our fact tests that include multiplication and writing improper fractions as mixed numbers. Following Lesson 80, we will take our third Benchmark test.

Mrs. Taylor/Mrs. Gay/Mrs. Williams - We are finishing Frederick Douglass this week and next, focusing on the aspects of main idea, autobiographical writing, and compare and contrast. Our next project is a week spent reading, studying and writing myths and legends. In the later part of the month, we will begin one of our favorite books, The Secret Garden! As always, Hake Grammar and Spalding Spelling are on the menu too.

Mr. Lundblad - The students will be spending the majority of February in STEM. They are working on robotics.

Mrs. Hernandez – We just completed our unit on Japan and we will now jump across the ocean to our unit on the Mesoamerican Indians. From this point forward, we will be focused on the western hemisphere and will start American history following this unit on the Maya, the Aztec, and the Inca. Students will be issued a new OneNote for this unit. Be sure to check OneNote for each daily lesson the students cover in class.