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Castle Pines

Grade 4 News

Friday, March 1, 2019
Students will need a fully disposable sack lunch and disposable water bottle for our field trip to Ameritowne on Monday. Please remember for field trips, sack lunches have to be nut-free. Students need to be in their regular American Academy uniform as well. We will be leaving the school at 9:30am and returning around 2pm. If you are volunteering for the field trip, your child must ride the bus to and from the field trip.
The yearbook staff needs your help! We are in the process of gathering photos for this year’s yearbook. To make it easier for parents to submit photos, we are sending a link to a shared folder on the yearbook website. Your children will love to see pictures of themselves, so send us your best photos as soon as possible! The deadline to submit photos is March 15th. Thank you for your help making this the best AACP yearbook yet!
Wonka’s Quest
The students have the opportunity to participate in Wonka’s Quest again this year during afternoon study hall. We ask each student before they start a quest whether they are finished with their homework for the day. Please also talk to your child about ensuring they are done with all homework before starting a quest. Wonka’s Quest is meant to be a fun, extra activity when students are finished with ALL of their work.
We added a very helpful homework sheet under “Downloads” on the fourth grade page. If your child would like to use this page, please print it at home and place copies of it in his or her binder. Some students are doing very well organizing their math using the notebook paper or graph paper. If your child is having a hard time keeping his or her problems organized, this math sheet might be a great solution. Most math classes have between 15-30 minutes of homework time at the end of class. If your child is coming home with barely any homework done, please speak with him or her about using their homework time at school.
We have wrapped up most of our AmeriTowne unit and are ready for the big field trip! After our AmeriTowne field trip on Monday, we will spend the remainder of the week officially finishing the unit. The Economics/AmeriTowne unit test will be scheduled for next Friday, March 8.
The fourth graders will begin their new STEM unit with Ms. Weiss on Tuesday, March 5th! Students will be introduced to the exciting LEGO EV3 robots. This is an autonomous robot they will learn to program to solve real-world problems. Students will begin by learning the basic programming skills necessary to run their bots, navigate through rescue rooms and, finally, complete a volcano challenge. This STEM unit will continue until April 12th, so there will not be any grades in science until after then.
Literacy with Mrs. Summers
This week we finished up our Poetry unit. We begin our next big writing project after spring break on opinion writing. Students should be studying for their spelling tests. They have a pretest on Monday and are tested again on Friday. Please check with your child to make sure they have all the supplies they need. Students are missing dry erase markers and red pens. We use these on a daily basis.
Literacy with Mrs. D
Students will have spelling next week but not the following week. We will have a spelling pretest on Tuesday, March 5th. Students are going to be working on a few theme essays over the next couple of weeks. Each student will be comparing the theme of two different stories in his or her essay. This week we worked on identifying the theme in various poems. One of the essays will require the students to compare the theme of a story and a poem.
Literacy with Mrs. Gallina and Ms. Hanshaw
Over the next two weeks our sound/spelling focus will be suffixes: -ful, -less, -ness, -ment. The following week we will study words with the pattern of VCCV. We will also continue to study shades of meaning and adages. For reading, we will continue with our poetry unit. We will also be working on story structure and theme within a text.
For grammar over the next two weeks, we will learn about comparative adjectives. The following week we will look at superlative adjectives. For writing, students will work on poetry elements.

Anna Doody
Katie Hoehn
Kelsey Montag
Summer Summers
Julie Gallina
Bobbi Hanshaw
Start Making Plans for Summer Camp - registration is now open!
We hope your kids can join us for one or more of the fun camps hosted by American Academy teachers and staff. There are many great options, and some camps even start the first week of summer break.
For more details and information about current summer camp offerings, visit the American Academy Summer Camp page (info is on the main website, under quicklinks >> parents >> summer camps).
Please note: ANY American Academy student can attend ANY of the summer camps listed, regardless of where the camp is being held. i.e. If your CP student wants to attend a camp being held at LM, simply log into your school store account but click on the other campus school store; all their camps will be listed under the Summer Camps tab. If you have questions, please email Catrina Phillips.

Fourth Grade Specials
This projects is a lot of fun to make. First we will start out with a simple outline of our own choosing. Then we will paint the picture with bright, blended colors. After the painting is dry, we will go over our painting with a sharpie to add more designs.
This week, we will continue working on beat, rhythm, music reading, and ensemble skills essential to creating music with others. We will be working in groups to practice and perform short percussion grooves using instruments like congas, bongos, cowbells, bass drum, and claves. Favorite song of the week: The Dum Dum Song.
Please visit Ms. Lang’s WEBPAGE for an update on activities and instruction in her classroom.
In this rotation, we will have a few days to finish up the Animation projects started last rotation and then we’ll have a cartoon day where we will get to show our creations to the class. For the second part of the week we’ll begin a new unit. In 4th grade the Specials department does a unit that all four of our classes work on throughout the rotation and Technology class is the final part to this process. We began in Art creating silk screens. Next, P.E. and Music combined to learn about the music and dance of traditional South East Asian people and created their own dances. Some Tech classes came into film the final dances and now we will take the footage and put it all together in a video! We will be using a video editing program called Power Director. We will learn many aspects of video editing like; trimming, creating a rough cut, title creation, sound editing and much more.