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Friday, February 23, 2018

Field Trip:
We will be going to Ameritowne on Monday, March 5th.  Please register your child by Wednesday, February 28th.  We will leave the school at 9:30 and return at 2:15pm.  Please follow the link for your child’s homeroom teacher below to sign up your child for the field trip.  Your child will need a fully disposable sack lunch for the field trip.  
1718 CP - Ms. Summers Class
1718 CP - Ms. Hoehn's Class
1718 CP - Ms. Johnson's Class
1718 CP - Ms. Doody's Class

Bring Your Teacher Lunch:
Here is a fantastic way for your child to get a bit of extra time with their teacher and up to 3 close friends.  Simply click on the link below and pick a Thursday for your child to eat with their homeroom teacher, math teacher, literacy teacher, science teacher, or history teacher.

Literacy with Ms. Hoolehan and Ms. Mills:
Next week our sound/spelling focus is on words with the VCV (vowel-consonant-vowel) pattern.  The following week our spelling words will contain the VCCV (vowel-consonant-consonant-vowel) and VCV (vowel-consonant-vowel) patterns.  For grammar over the next two weeks we will learn about comparative and superlative adjectives.  Next week we will wrap up our poetry unit.  The following week we will work on identifying the theme and point of view in text.  We will also start preparing for CMAS testing!

Literacy with Mrs. D (Sampson):
The students will have a spelling words and IXL for the next two weeks.  We are currently working on a poetry unit in OneNote.  The students are working on evaluating types of poems, meaning, figurative language and vocabulary.  We also read about the author of each poem to understand how his or her background played a role in the writing of the poem.  We will continue working on poetry for the next couple of weeks.  The students will have a test over poetry terms and types of poetry on Friday, March 9th.   

Literacy with Mrs. Summers:
We are continuing our study of poetry. Students are learning poetry terms, structure, how to comprehend, and how to analyze poetry. Our test will be March 9th. Next week we will start back up with spelling. The list is in IC. Students have an IXL from this week that is due Tuesday. Next week IXL will run Monday to Monday. I’ve been asked by some students, “How do I bring my grade up?” It’s important for students to check on their grade in IC throughout the trimester and for us to have those conversations while they still have time to improve. Please encourage your child to reflect on their grade weekly.

Students have spent the last week mastering their skills in check writing, keeping a checkbook register, and tracking their personal finances with tools like spending and savings plans. Today students will take a checkbook register quiz, and tomorrow, February 23, they will have their final economics unit vocabulary quiz. They will also be interviewed for their Young AmeriTowne job choices tomorrow.

In science, we will begin building the circuits series and parallel circuits. They will work on making the different types of circuits and creating enough energy to light up light bulbs and to set of buzzers. We will also continue to discuss the differences between open and closed circuits and the effects on energy. Please continue to check the science OneNote to see some of the labs that we are doing in class. Any lab write up in OneNote, should be completed by your student, even if it is not listed in IC. This will ensure that they are fully understanding the material every day.


Anna Doody
Katie Hoehn
Shannen Johnson
Summer Summers
Trisha Mills
Julie Gallina