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Castle Pines

Grade 4 News

April 1, 2022


Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

Spring is here! It’s great to have a few warm days here and there. We are almost at the end. Can you believe it! Please read below as there is helpful information for testing week which starts next week.


CMAS Testing

April 5-7 and 12-14 students will be taking the CMAS test. Please ensure that your child is set up for success by following these tips.

  • Be at school on time. School starts at 8:05.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Maybe go to bed a little earlier.
  • Eat a good breakfast the days of the test.
  • Encourage your child to do their personal best.

Students may bring a small throw blanket that will fit in their backpack to school on testing days. No comforters or full- sized blankets. They may also wear a plain sweatshirt of choice on testing days.

All technology, including phones and smartwatches, will be collected and stored safely on testing days. Students can not have these items in the classroom during testing. If they do not need them at school please keep them home.

**Because of CMAS testing, no visitors will be allowed in the building April 4-8 or April 11-14.

Responsive Classroom

The month of March was filled with conversations about Integrity at American Academy. Students are learning the importance of accountability and doing the right thing even when no one is watching. This can be a tricky character trait to embody, especially when you factor in peer pressure which fourth grade students are starting to encounter. We continue to have conversations with many students about appropriate versus inappropriate topics of conversation at school. Unfortunately, some of our students have been bringing up mature themes that do not have a place in school conversations. To wrap up the month of integrity, we will focus our morning meetings on addressing appropriate versus inappropriate language and how to avoid being involved in these conversations. While we do address any concerns that arise at school, we also need your support reinforcing our American Academy Character and Manners at home. Our shared goal is that our 4th grade students will prioritize their responsibility as learners this last trimester to finish the year strong.


If your child is absent they should be checking infinite campus for homework details. In 4th grade we are encouraging students to advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their learning. This includes keeping track of missing work when absent and making sure to turn it in. In Math, be sure you use the interactive student edition for the lessons you missed. This can be found in the Go Math library.



Smart watches and cell phones are not permitted during school hours. Students can bring them to school, but they must be powered off and put in their backpack during the day. They can use them at 3:35 for parent communication purposes only. Please see our school electronics policy.



Please remind your child of our uniform policy. Sweaters must be AA in order to be worn throughout the day. Leggings must be plain with no design. As we get closer to snowy months students need to remember if they wear boots they must have other shoes to change into while in school. See our uniform policy for details.

Also, be sure that students are wearing weather appropriate clothing. As it gets colder, students will still be going outside for recess and will need to bundle up. Remember to label everything.

A Note from our Nurse

We are working so hard to keep students learning in-person this year. Here’s what you can do to help! Keep sick kids home, keep kids home while they have a pending COVID test, keep kids home if someone in your house has COVID, keep kids home if they have ANY symptoms after an exposure. We truly believe if everyone unites to do these few things, it will really cut down on our exposures at school thus keeping our kids learning in-person this year. Thanks for your help!


We will be using kickboard this year. Students will have opportunities to earn points throughout the day to spend at our school store. Kickboard documents positive use of AA character and manners as well as redirections and misbehaviors.

Wish List Link:

We would love donations of small toys or candy (nut free please) for our school store. We have included a wish list that makes it easy for you to donate. Just click on the link and purchase the items you would like to donate. All items will be split between the four classrooms. Thank you in advance.

Ms. Summers

This week students have been working on their research papers. These papers are about three people groups in Colorado history. Students are learning what elements of an informational text they can use in their research, how to paraphrase, and how to cite sources. Don’t forget that the next book report is due in May. Next week is CMAS testing so students will not have homework. Please ensure that your child is well rested, has eaten breakfast, and is at school on time.

Ms. Spencer

Hello Parents! I can’t believe we are already in April! Next week, we will be taking the literacy CMAS test. Your student has been exploring their learning through the use of various sources to use as evidence in their Colorado Research Paper. As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Ms. Andrunik

We have officially entered the 1700s here in History! Your students started this unit off by connecting the concepts they learned in 3rd grade, revisiting the early explorers and some of the very first individuals to step foot on American soil. From there, we learned about the regions of the 13 colonies and what life was like for colonists back then. Most recently, students were introduced to a twenty-one-year-old British general from Virginia, who found himself in an intense dispute with the French army. After making several mistakes along the way, the young officer resigned from the Virginia militia. The students discovered that this man was in fact George Washington, and if that had truly been the end of his military career, we may be saluting the British flag today rather than the Stars and Stripes. As we continue through our unit, students will explore The French and Indian War, the Proclamation of 1763, the Stamp Act Crisis, the Townshend Acts and the Boston Massacre. The quarrel between the colonists and Britain begins! Please continue to check infinite campus for upcoming assignments and exams.

Ms. Roundy

Happy April! In science, we are towards the end of our Natural Resources unit and making our way towards our Structures and Functions unit. Students did very well on our last quiz! I’m excited to wrap up the year with more labs and activities with our fourth graders. Keep up the good work!  

Ms. Anderson

We finished our Opinion Writing essays and they were great. Each student worked diligently to put together a well written essay that clearly stated whether they thought students should or should not have homework.  Please ask you child which opinion they decided to write about and why.  We will not have homework on days that we have CMAS testing.  Thank you to those of you who have had their child bring in headphones and checking that your child has all the supplies they need to finish out the school year.  Students have one more book report due in May, please help them start thinking of a book they want to read and complete a project on.