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Grade 4 News

Friday, August 30, 2019
Back to School Night PowerPoint
If you were unable to attend Back to School Night, there is a link to the PowerPoint slides on the fourth-grade webpage under “Downloads”.
Lunch with a Fourth Grade Teacher
Every year, parents are able to sign up their child(ren) to eat lunch with a fourth-grade teacher. This is a great time for teachers to get to know individual students. The student that is signed up is allowed to invite up to three friends if they would like. Parents are asked to only bring lunch for the teacher and their child. The three friends can bring their own lunch from home or hot lunch from the cafeteria. Lunch preferences for each teacher can be found on the fourth-grade webpage under the “Teacher Favorites” section. If your child would like lunch from somewhere that is not listed, please just email the teacher to find out what they would like from that restaurant. The student that is signed up to eat with a teacher is more than welcome to come by themselves. Sometime it is nice for quiet, shy kids to have that one-on-one time with their teachers without friends talking over them. Please drop off lunches in the front office by 11:35am on the day your child is signed up for. Feel free to sign up with multiple teachers and multiple times during the school year.
All math classes have started the year by having students complete paper homework. Students are to bring home their example pages that were completed during class to help them with the nightly homework. Some classes will move to using the online homework over the next couple weeks.
History with Ms. Schulze
Students have been doing a great job settling into their new schedules this week! We are starting fourth grade history off with Maps and Geography. Students will be working from a packet for this unit, which they will need to keep in their binders until the unit is over. We will be doing the majority of the packet in class. If students have any work to complete from their packet for homework, they will be able to do so without the history textbook. Enjoy the long weekend!
Science with Ms. Montag
We are off and running in 4th grade science! The fourth graders have learned the importance of making mistakes and learning from them as they practice observation and experimentation throughout the year. We have started our topographic maps unit, which will continue until the end of next week. In the coming weeks, we will start our study of patterns of the Earth, along with weathering and erosion. We will attempt to answer questions like, “Could a volcano pop up where you live?” and “Will a mountain last forever?” I will be sending an email next week to introduce our new science program for those of you who were unable to make it to Back to School Night. Our new program emphasizes student-led learning, collaboration, critique, and revision. It will be a learning curve for a while, but the results will be worth it!
Literacy with Mrs. Summers
We’re off to a great start! Students have had beginning of the year assessments and are learning fourth grade expectations. Part of those expectations is getting homework done. Students will have Hake homework every night. I assign evens or odd based on the lesson number. They have a 40-minute study hall at the end of the day to work on homework. Please check Infinite Campus for assignments and missing work. We are starting with reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. Students will have assignments in OneNote. They can get to OneNote through their Office365. Please be sure your child is under their name when in OneNote so they don’t lose all their work. It will be noted under the assignment description if it is a handout or in OneNote. I’m so excited to be partnering with you this year! Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy your long weekend!
Literacy with Mrs. D
Students have been completing various beginning of the year tests and learning the fourth-grade procedures. We practiced cursive this week and added our first list of spelling words into Spalding notebooks. The first spelling test will be next Friday, September 6th. The words are already posted in Infinite Campus under the assignment description. If your child gets 100% on the pretest on Monday, they do not have to take the test on Friday. Next week we will begin reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. All work for the novel will be completed in OneNote.
Literacy with Mrs. Gallina
For spelling, we will study words with long a sound, ai; ay. For the following week, we will combine and review the other spellings for long a. For grammar over the next two weeks, we will learn about common and proper nouns. For reading, we will work on first person and third person point of view. We will also begin our first novel, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. For writing, students will continue to work on the four types of sentences.

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