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Grade 4 News

Friday, November 15, 2019
Online Math Homework:
We have noticed that some students are not writing their homework problems on paper to solve when doing the online homework. We are implementing a new rule for online homework. Students must turn in their work that they did on paper the following day when they have math homework. The paper that shows their work will be worth 5 of the 10 points. The other 5 points will be given for turning in the online portion. Therefore, in order to receive all 10 points, they will need to turn in the work they did on paper. The work needs to be labelled with the lesson number, neatly written, and problems labelled in numerical order. Workbook pages or reteach pages that are sent home for homework should also have an extra sheet attached if all work does not fit on the worksheet pages.
Math Resources:
Interactive Student Edition: Students can get to this version under the links in Go Math! This is a great resource if your child is confused on a lesson. You can have your child go back and go through the interactive lesson to see the lesson presented in a different way.
Student Edition: This book matches the workbook that students rip pages out of during class. If you need to print one of these pages, go to the Personal Math Trainer and click on “Textbook.” These pages will print correctly from the section.
Step-by-Step: This is a great resource when your child does not understand a question. Your child will need to do “try another” after completing the step-by-step and complete another problem like the one they were having trouble with to receive credit.
View Example: If your child is convinced that they have the correct answer but the website says it is wrong, encourage your child to use a “View Example” to see what format the question is looking for. Sometimes a question is asking that factors are inputted in a certain order. He or she will receive another attempt and need to try the problem again.
Math on the Spot Video: These videos explain the question that have a QR code next to them.
Fourth Grade Shutterfly Page
If you are not receiving updates for the Fourth Grade Shutterfly Page, please check your Spam Folder or Promotional Folder in your email account. If you still aren’t finding emails from Shutterfly, please email Ali Cusick The Shutterfly page contains party information and volunteer opportunities.
Lunch with a Fourth Grade Teacher
Every year, parents are able to sign up their child(ren) to eat lunch with a fourth-grade teacher. This is a great time for teachers to get to know individual students. The student that is signed up is allowed to invite up to three friends if they would like. Parents are asked to only bring lunch for the teacher and their child. The three friends can bring their own lunch from home or hot lunch from the cafeteria. Lunch preferences for each teacher can be found on the fourth-grade webpage under the “Teacher Favorites” section. If your child would like lunch from somewhere that is not listed, please just email the teacher to find out what they would like from that restaurant. The student that is signed up to eat with a teacher is more than welcome to come by themselves. Sometime it is nice for quiet, shy kids to have that one-on-one time with their teachers without friends talking over them. Please drop off lunches in the front office by 12:10 pm on the day your child is signed up for. Feel free to sign up with multiple teachers and multiple times during the school year.
History with Ms. Schulze
We have wrapped up our Colorado History unit and begun our next unit- American Revolution! During this unit, students will be learning about life in the 13 colonies and how and why the colonies eventually became the United States of America. Students were given an American Revolution workbook for this unit, which they are expected to keep in their binders and bring to history class every day. Please do not let students remove this workbook from their binder or leave it at home until we have completed the unit, as we will be working from the workbook in class each week.
Students will have weekly vocabulary homework assignments on, like they did for Colorado History. The vocabulary assignments will be games on Quia that will help students learn their vocabulary terms over the course of a few weeks, building up to a vocabulary quiz. Buffalo Bill has been rescheduled for November 19 and 20.
Science with Ms. Montag
It has been a whirlwind of a trimester in 4th grade science! For the remainder of 2019 (up until winter break), the students will be in STEM with Ms. Julie Weiss. Their challenge will be to code EV3 robots to save people in a town from a volcanic eruption. It is a blast (pun intended)! I will be discussing STEM expectations with the students, as will Ms. Weiss, but it is important that the students take this experience seriously. They are going to develop so many of their skills, and I’m excited to watch it all happen! As a result of our STEM rotation for the next four weeks, the kids will not have any science homework nor any grades in Infinite Campus. Here’s a question from our “I Wonder” board for dinner table discussion: How many maple trees does it take to make a bottle of maple syrup?
Literacy with Mrs. Summers
Everyone did such a great job on the book reports! I enjoyed their presentations. Students started reading Robin Hood this week. Assignments will be in OneNote unless otherwise noted. Students can get to OneNote through Office365. The end of the trimester is upon us and students need to make sure they have everything turned in by Tuesday November, 19th. All missing assignments must have a grade by then. Please encourage your child to be checking infinite campus to make sure all work is in.
Literacy with Mrs. D
We finished our compare and contrast essays this week, so next week we will start reading Robin Hood. All work for the novel will be in OneNote. Feel free to have your child login at home to show you what we are working on each day. There will be several sections of vocabulary activities, reading notes, poetry practice and a few writing projects assigned as we read the novel. We will read one or two chapters in class together each day, and then I will assign the students a chapter to read on their own and take notes on as they read. There is a reading note format in OneNote that will be used each time. The reading notes are intended to help students stay engaged as they are reading and to not rush through the chapter. There will also be several comprehension pop quizzes as we read the novel. Students will have a spelling test next week but not the week after break.
Literacy with Mrs. Gallina
For spelling next week, we will learn about vowel + r sounds (ar, are, eer, ear, air). The following week we will continue vowel + r sounds and look at words with ( ear, ur, or, ir, our, oar) spellings. For grammar over the next two weeks, we will work on making words that end in y plural. The following week we will study linking and action verbs. For reading, we will continue with our novel, Robin Hood. For writing, students will work on summary writing. We will also be working on citing text when answering questions within our novel. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break.
Anna Doody
Katie Schulze
Kelsey Montag
Summer Summers
Julie Gallina