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Grade 4 News

Friday, January 18, 2018

Conference Signup
Every family will only be able to sign up with one teacher and take one conference slot, unless you have twins. If your family is split into two households, please choose a time that works for both of you, or the parent that did not take the fall conference slot should sign up. Multiple signups for one student will be deleted. Please choose the teacher that you feel you need to meet with the most. Conference times are limited to 10 minutes, so that we can fit in 26 conferences over the two evenings. Please do not send an email to any teachers with a request to conference at a time outside of the two conference nights. If you have specific questions or concerns that you would like to address at conferences, feel free to send us an email with the questions ahead of time so we can prepare for our conference with you. Please put in the subject line “Winter Conference Questions” so that we know there is no need to respond until conferences. The signup will close on Tuesday, January 22nd at 4pm so that we have time to prepare for each conference.

Wonka’s Quest
The students have the opportunity to participate in Wonka’s Quest again this year during afternoon study hall. We ask each student before they start a quest whether they are finished with their homework for the day. Please also talk to your child about ensuring they are done with all homework before starting a quest. Wonka’s Quest is meant to be a fun, extra activity when students are finished with ALL of their work.

We added a very helpful homework sheet under “Downloads” on the fourth grade page. If your child would like to use this page, please print it at home and place copies of it in his or her binder. Some students are doing very well organizing their math using the notebook paper or graph paper. If your child is having a hard time keeping his or her problems organized, this math sheet might be a great solution. Most math classes have between 15-30 minutes of homework time at the end of class. If your child is coming home with barely any homework done, please speak with him or her about using their homework time at school.

We have officially finished our American Revolution unit in history! When we return to school after the three-day weekend, we will begin our Economics & Young AmeriTowne unit. This unit has much less “story telling” and a lot more “doing” than the other Social Studies units. Students will be learning a lot of important and valuable life skills and lessons- how an economy works, how to earn, save, and spend money responsibly, how to apply and interview for a job, and more. The unit will conclude with one of our favorite fourth grade traditions- a field trip to Young AmeriTowne. Please keep an eye out for emails from Ms. Hoehn during this unit, as parent volunteers may be called upon from time to time.

In science, we have been studying animals and how their specific body structures help them survive. The students received a project that is due on Friday, February 1st. They have the instructions and grading rubric in their binders, but they can also find them in OneNote. The students will have opportunities to work in class before the due date, but we also chatted about making sure that they don’t wait till the last minute! In the next couple weeks, we will discover how animals receive different types of information through their senses, process the information in their brain, and respond to the information in different ways. Here are some questions from our “I Wonder” board for dinner table conversation starters: Why do we have a tailbone if we don’t have a tail? How do bears hibernate without eating?

Literacy with Mrs. Summers
This week we have been reading Robin Hood and will continue next week. Students need to be studying vocabulary. They will be quizzed over them on the 24th. There will be a final comprehension test at the end of the month. Students should study the vocab for this. Other than that it’s a comprehension test so they can review some of the chapter questions but there will not be a study guide. We will continue to have Hake each day. If your child is absent please check their planner and IC for what they are missing. Students are responsible for checking with me if they have questions about what they have missed.

Literacy with Mrs. D
The students will have spelling next week and another Robin Hood vocabulary test the following week. The words are already in IC for next week if any students would like to study over the weekend and try to get a one hundred percent on Tuesday. We will continue to read Robin Hood over the next couple of weeks. The second trimester book report is due Tuesday, February 19th.

Literacy with Mrs. Gallina and Ms. Hanshaw
Over the next two weeks our sound/spelling focus is over changing y to i and 3 syllable words. The following week we will look at sounds k, ng,/kw/. Over the next two weeks we will also work on using context clues and figurative language.
For reading, we will continue our novel Robin Hood. For grammar over the next two weeks, we will review using consistent verb tenses and using commas with a direct address. For writing, students will continue to work on a summary writing.

Anna Doody
Katie Hoehn
Kelsey Montag
Summer Summers
Julie Gallina
Bobbi Hanshaw

Specials Newsletter:

Fourth grade students will be making clay castles this week. This tiny castle is all about teaching the kids how to create support systems for their clay. It will also help them to slip and score details onto their clay. Clay can be a difficult material to work with, so this is a great opportunity to teach students about balancing their materials.

Fourth grade students will be enjoying 2 weeks with both Ms. Rusten and Ms. Lang co-teaching about Southeast Asian music and dance. Students will be exposed to basic culture, history, and performing arts found throughout Southeast Asia and will then work in small groups to present their own performance of Tininkling from the Philippines. Performances will be filmed by Mr. Murphy's tech class and will be edited prior to being shared at the Spring Art Show.

Students will practice a variety of short handled implements, including tennis, pickle ball, and badminton. We will practice self-hits, angling a racket, and discuss rules and history of the game(s). Students will use responsibility, safety, and integrity this week.

Kids Heart Challenge! (Formally Jump Rope for Heart)
We will soon be starting our Kids Heart Challenge! We are hoping to get 200 students from our Castle Pines campus to register and take the Heart Challenge Pledge online. We are also hoping to raise $15,000 to donate to the American Heart Association! There will be a variety of rewards for students, so check back for more details!

In our Animation unit, students will learn how to create a short animated cartoon using a software called Pivot Stick-figure Animator. First, they will plan out their animation on paper so they have a basic story. Then, they will create a background in an illustration software and import it into the animation. Finally, they will create the animation itself, focusing on making fluid character movements. Once we finish up they get a fun animation day where they get to show off their creations to the class!