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Castle Pines


Thursday, May 10, 2018

This is the last newsletter of the school year.  We confirmed today that your child’s IXL account and the online book for Hake Grammar will be available all summer if you would like your child to continue to work on skills over the summer. Thank you for all of your support in making this a successful year!

As we come to the end of the school year, we start looking at who may need to repeat the same level of math next year.  Please keep an eye on your child’s math grade.  We have included the policy below.    

Requirements to Advance to the Next Math Level  Grade Level Math (Saxon 4): Students in a grade level math class must maintain a C- (72%) or better course average for the year and a C- (72%) or better for the third trimester.  

Accelerated Level Math (Saxon 5): Students in an accelerated level math class must maintain a B- (82%) or better course average for the year and a B- (82%) or better for the third trimester.

Saxon Course 2 (6th grade math): Grade level or accelerated students finishing Course 2 will be enrolled in either Pre-Algebra or Algebra. If the student finishes Saxon Course 2 with an A-(92%) average over all three trimesters and third trimester with an A-(92%) or better, they qualify for consideration of math level acceleration to Algebra 1. MAP scores and/or an Algebra readiness test along with the recommendation of the Course 2 teacher will be used to make a final determination.

Medieval Day:
Medieval Day will be on Wednesday, May 23rd this year and will be a little different from years past.  We will not be having a feast this year and the tournament will be incorporated into four rotations around the fourth grade classrooms.  In the afternoon, the students will be watching several medieval movies.  The students are encouraged to dress-up in a medieval outfit.   

Literacy with Ms. Hoolehan and Ms. Mills:
Next week our spelling focus will be on words with silent consonants.  We will also review suffixes –er, -est, and -ist.  We will finish reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and take a final test on the book.
Literacy with Mrs. D (Sampson):
The students have Where the Mountain Meets the Moon vocabulary due tomorrow for section four.  The third vocabulary test will be tomorrow, and the last test will be Wednesday, May 16th.  Book reports are due on Monday, May 14th.  We will do several fun activities at the end of next week for Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  The last day of language arts will be on Monday, May 21st.  
Literacy with Mrs. Summers:
We are winding down. Next week will be the last week for having homework and getting anything that is missing turned in. Students will have their last Hake test next Wednesday. Book reports are due on May 14th. Students will present these in class.  We will wrap up our novel, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. The vocab test over chapters 37-48 will be next Thursday. The definitions to study are in One Note under Summers Lit Block content library (not under the student’s name). Please encourage your child to get work done and turned in on time. We are down to a week and a half of work that can affect their grade. The last week of school we have a week of fun events planned. Thank you for all your support this year. It’s been memorable first year for me here at AA. Thank you for being a part of this.
We’re wrapping up the year with an Imperial Dynasties of China project! Students have been working hard this week to research one of the dynasties from the Imperial Age, and will begin presenting to small groups next Monday. This is a group project, but students will receive an independent assessment grade for their work.

Students will be wrapping up their week of learning about animals and their adaptations and transitioning into how light is transformed and processed. They will complete several activities and labs over the next two weeks. There will be a quiz to wrap up these ideas and to assess students learning.