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Castle Pines

Grade 3 News

October 4, 2019

Curriculum Updates

With a new understanding about river systems, our class will be showing their knowledge in a hands-on assessment. We will be making river system models with playdough! Please send in green and blue color playdough (can be store bought or homemade, gray and brown are optional) and a 1-foot by 1-foot piece of cardboard with your child on Wednesday or Thursday this week (see planner for details on your child’s date for the quiz).
Dinner Table Question: (riddle) What runs but never walks, makes noise but never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats? Answer: a river
We are right in the "meat" of our ADI unit and I have been so impressed with all the hard work going into answering our guiding question! This process involves lots of new experiences and a different way to think about science! It has been so fun to see the students work together and create incredible scientific ideas! Next week we will wrap up the investigation with a chance to see each others work, discuss the big ideas and do some writing about what we have learned!

Using informative organizers and Venn diagrams from Susan B. Anthony and Cesar Chavez, we will compare and contrast the people they fought for and the actions they took. With informative texts, we will use our three mental actions to reformat essential information and derive main ideas. Complex sentences will lead our writing focus; be sure to ask your child what a "WUBBAA" is! In reading, we drift into The Wind in the Willows.
Our adventures continue with boastful Toad, stubborn Rat, curious Mole, and simple Badger. We realize the motivations of the characters and the importance that precise language lends to plot development. We will get to show our growth in I-Ready.

Due to the short week there will not be spelling words this week. In grammar we will continue to look at proper nouns (companies, buildings, and parks). Now that we have learned and practiced all the components of a compare and contrast piece of writing, we will be independently planning and writing a compare and contrast on ostriches and emus. Complex sentences will be introduced and practice this week as well. We will continue reading and discussing The Wind in the Willows while looking at character motivations, precise language, and plot development. Since there will not be a spelling focus this week, we will dive deeper into the vocabulary that goes with our novel.