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Castle Pines

Grade 3 News

Friday, November 2, 2018

Bessie's Hope Service Learning Opportunity

We are excited to partner with Bessie's Hope at Brookside Inn in Castle Rock. Together with Bessie's Hope, our students can interact with the elder community through singing, dancing, and reading. After our orientation at school, students and parents have the opportunity to sign up to visit one of five times this year. We are relying on parent volunteers to drive for these visits. All parent drivers must complete the Authorization to Use Private Vehicle waiver in the office or download here before they may organize carpools. Parent chaperones must also have a copy of their declarations page from their insurance company to carpool with children other than their own. If both forms are not on file, students will not be released for carpools. Students are also required to have the Youth-Waiver-and-Release  signed by their parents to participate. These forms were sent home last week in your child's Keep at Home folder.

Students may sign up to participate with a parent chaperone. Parent volunteers with appropriate paperwork on file may check students out @ 2:45 from class, and take students to Brookside Inn, 1297 South Perry Street, Castle Rock, 80104. Visits will last approximately 45 minutes, and students will need their parent volunteer to stay with them for the visit and take them home after. One of the third grade teachers will be present during each visit. We think this is a great opportunity for our students to connect with an amazing generation of people.

Please take a look at the sign up and help us make a connection to our community! Bessie's Hope Volunteers

Our first visit will be next Tuesday and there are a few spots still available! Please sign up soon!

Location: Brookside Inn

1297 S Perry St, Castle Rock, CO 80104


Spelling City

We’ve got exciting news! Our class will be using Spelling City for word study, and your child has access to this great tool from home! Spelling City is an educational website and app that allows students to gain and retain word knowledge through practice with engaging vocabulary, spelling, writing and phonics activities. You can access Spelling City online at or by downloading the Spelling City app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

To log in on the web, go to and select the Login button. Under Student Login, enter the username and password given to students in their planners.

Once logged in, students will have access to our class word lists, plus any assignments that have been created. Please be sure that your child is properly logged in to Spelling City to ensure that any activity is recorded and credited.

Curriculum Updates

History with Mrs. Krieger

Our unit on Ancient Rome will begin at the beginning.  Rome began as a small cluster of huts on the banks of the Tiber.  We will analyze the legend of Romulus and Remus compared to historians description of how Rome began.  From the beginning, Rome included people from different tribes and ethnic groups.  As we talk about the rise of the Roman Empire, we will begin a timeline of events.  Comparing and contrasting the gods and goddesses of Rome and Greece, we will notice that Romans were excellent "borrowers" of ideas.  After turning against a monarch style of government, this little society developed a republic government that shared power among a group of wealthy families called patricians.

Literacy with Ms. Lankford and Ms. ONeil

This week we will finish up our mystery novel and transition into a story about Susan B. Anthony in which we will discuss character traits and leadership skills. While reading, we will expand our mental actions to include reformatting (organizing ideas in our "filing cabinet" brain) and mentally summarizing (determining main idea). In writing, our focus will shift to comparing and contrasting the two mystery novels we read in class.

Literacy with Ms. O'Mara and Ms. Mills

The spelling focus for this week is words with kn, wr, tch.  For grammar we will review subject-verb agreement.  We will take what we have learned the past few weeks with compare and contrast, and students will create their own compare and contrast piece of writing, comparing two different baseball players.  Don't forget book reports are due November 8!

Science with Ms. Gant

Next week students will start their first STEM class of the year! They will meet with Ms. Weiss and work on We Do 2.0! They will be in STEM until December 5 and will have an opportunity to show off their work the last few days of class. Be sure to plan on coming to see their creative projects! Stay tuned for more details!