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Grade 3 News

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

Dear American Academy Parents,
Thank you for your thoughtful generosity during this holiday season. Our team is grateful each day for the privilege to teach our students, and are thankful for everything you’ve done to keep us all in the building as much as possible during this unusual time. We hope you have a wonderful Winter Break, filled with family time, fun in the snow, and those precious traditions that make this season so special.
A Message from Erin Kane: Help Avoid Learning Disruptions
In order to minimize learning disruptions, we need to do everything we can to avoid sending an entire cohort of kids home for two weeks to quarantine. Because we have to quarantine cohorts anytime a student that attended school is positive or even “presumed positive,” these are the ways parents can help keep our cohorts in school:
• Avoid Exposure: take whatever steps you feel are needed to minimize your student’s chances of being exposed outside of school (the vast majority of our student cases originated outside AA).
• No Symptoms in School: Keep your student home if they have any kind of symptom. Unfortunately, even a runny nose can be considered a “presumptive positive” by the health department and may cause the whole cohort to have to quarantine.
• Use the PCR Test: if your student needs to test, please make sure you get a PCR test (free to AA families). A rapid negative test is not considered by the health department to be sufficient for returning to school.
• Stay Home for Pending Family Test: If you or another family member has a pending COVID test, do not send your student to school until the results come back negative. We have had several situations where an entire cohort had to go out when an asymptomatic student attended school while a parent had a pending test.
I know that some of these requests seem a bit extreme, however, please remember that when it comes to quarantining cohorts, we are required to follow the health department rules. While individual students may be home more often, this will help us keep the vast majority of kids from having to be out for two weeks.
Classroom Shutterfly Site
We've missed seeing parents in the school building this year! Teachers would love to post pictures of our students in action on our Third Grade Shutterfly Site and share volunteer opportunities with parents. Please use this link to visit My School Bucks and give us permission to post photos of your child in action! The Shutterfly page is a protected place that only parents and teachers can access so it is a great way for us to give you peak into our classrooms.
Curriculum Updates
Once we return from break, we will dive right into our biography unit. This unit is filled with fun yet challenging work which includes reading a biography, paraphrasing and taking notes, and writing our own biography report! This project will consume all of our in-class reading and writing time. Be on the lookout for more details about the project and new biography vocabulary after break. We will continue to move forward with our spelling words and grammar skills focusing on forming plural nouns and using commas with sequence words.
Coming back from winter break, our sound focus will be homophones and their meaning (one, won). In grammar we will continue to look at plural nouns and commas with sequence words. The majority of class time will be spent on our biography unit. Students will be picking a historical person to do a biography report on. Students will read a biography in class, learn how to take and organize notes, and then write their own biography. I will have books in class for students to choose from. More information will be sent home about this when we return from break.

This week, we'll finally get to complete our rollercoasters! Our exciting new unit on magnetism begins and third graders LOVE playing with magnets, so this should be a fun exploration! You can support your student by discussing how we use magnets in our everyday life and what kind of problems they can help us solve.
After the Punic Wars, Rome continued to grow its Empire's power and influence. We will continue to learn about Julius Caesar and his rise to power, his friendship with Marc Antony and Cleopatra, and his eventual assassination. We will perform a reader's theatre play of Caesar's assassination to better understand the superstition behind the "Ides of March."
Rebecca Kronebusch
Instructor, Third Grade
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