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Castle Pines

Grade 3 News

Friday, January 18

Winter Conferences

By now you should have received an invitation from one of your child's teachers for our conferences January 23rd and 24th.  If you have any questions or concerns you'd like to discuss, please email us in advance so we can ensure we have the information to answer your questions.  We will close sign-ups on Tuesday evening. 

Kids Heart Challenge! (Formally Jump Rope for Heart)

We will soon be starting our Kids Heart Challenge!  We are hoping to get 200 students from our Castle Pines campus to register and take the Heart Challenge Pledge online.  We are also hoping to raise $15,000 to donate to the American Heart Association!  There will be a variety of rewards for students, so check back for more details! 

Curriculum Updates  

Literacy with Ms. Lankford and Ms. O'Neil

Biographies will consume most of our reading and writing time for the next few weeks.  We will focus our efforts on reading from a secondary source and taking paraphrased notes. Ask your child to share an interesting fact or two that they have learned about the person they are researching in class! We will also explore using dialogue in our writing with correct punctuation and capitalization rules, correctly using abbreviations, and identifying the difference between possessive and plural nouns. If you find the opportunity while your child is reading their good fit book, point out some dialogue and ask what they notice about how it's punctuated, capitalized, and used in the text. Be sure your child is working on their trimester two book report at home, (due February 12th), as well as their biography posters, (due February 19th). Happy Reading!

Literacy with Ms. Mills and Ms. O'Mara

We are working diligently on our biographies, learning to take notes and paraphrasing without plagiarism. Our sound focus for the next two weeks are r-controlled vowels (horse, arm, first, nurse, her). In grammar, we will work on commas in a series as well as proper verb tense.  Don't forget, trimester 2 book reports are due February 12th!

History with Ms. Krieger

The Pax Romana, a 200 year time of peace in Rome, will continue a discussion about the systems put in place by Augustus that continued to be used through the reign of several Roman Emperors.  While Roman citizens were free to worship whatever gods they chose, there was a lot of conflict as Christianity began to spread.  Because Christians refused to worship the Roman gods, they were often persecuted by other Romans who were afraid this would anger the Roman gods.  Students will study the cause and effect of this time period and analyze what eventually leads to the decline of the Roman Empire. 

Our end of unit test will be coming up soon, so please keep an eye out for a study guide and description in IC.  As we prepare and study, students will pretend they are Roman politicians and improve their oral presentation skills.  Students will use time in class to organize their own speech about Rome's most important contribution to our society.  On the day speeches are made, students are welcome to bring in a bed sheet or table cloth to wear as togas (we will go through the steps to tie these in class).  Keep an eye out for a reminder in your child's planner. 

Science with Ms. Gant

We are finishing up our force and motion unit in the next couple weeks because students will start STEM on February 6! The end of unit test is tentatively planned for Friday, February 1st. Please stay tuned for more details and a study guide coming next week! We have covered concepts around how force and motion are connected, how friction impacts motion, and the difference between contact and noncontact forces and balanced and unbalanced forces. We are making many connections to our daily lives and understanding more about how we interact with moving objects all the time!   

Specials Updates


This week third grade students will be making a layered landscape out of clay. Each layer should have a different texture. This will help students learn about foreground, middle ground and background within their pictures. 


In addition to learning Yellow Belt from our Recorder Karate adventure, 3rd graders will learn about instruments from the string family. Students will see a variety of string instrument performances and learn the basic physics of how they work in preparation for our instrument-making unit in the spring! Speaking of our instrument project, we are in search of found/recycled objects or noisy craft items for students to re purpose as instrument inventions. This could include: parts of old/broken instruments - including recorders, baby powder formula containers, beans, bells, sticks, small boxes (think tissue or shoe box size), fishing line, beads, junk drawer items, broken toys or small electronics, paper towel rolls, small wood pieces, etc. Please no glass or sharp items. (THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY DONATED ITEMS!)

Physical Education

Students will practice a variety of short handled implements, including tennis, pickle ball, and badminton.  We will practice self-hits, angling a racket, and discuss rules and history of the game(s).  Students will use responsibility, safety, and integrity this week.  


Art and Technology are working together for this brand new unit. Last rotation, in Mrs. Fischer’s Art class, the kids created a robot design on paper with marker. Now in Technology they will be taking their design and creating a 3D model of it using a program called TinkerCad. Once finished I will 3D print their design and the following rotation they will take them back to Art to paint!