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Castle Pines

Grade 3 News

September 18, 2020

Lunch is Free through DCSD Nutrition Services!

Nutrition Services is excited to announce that, effective immediately, ALL meals served in school are now free for all students (through December)! This includes one breakfast (where available) and one lunch per day. Signage will be posted in all schools showing what is included in a free meal. Free meals include all entrees (except Subway at High Schools) with fruit/veggies and/or milk. For eLearners as well as any kids 18 and under that do not attend schools that Nutrition Services operates, we will begin weekly remote meal bag pickups at all neighborhood Elementary and Middle Schools in Douglas County every Friday from 1-2pm. Start date for remote bag pickups is Friday, September 18th. These bags will contain 5 breakfast/lunches for eLearners/siblings and 3 breakfast/lunches for Hybrid learners. Meal pickups do NOT require pre-order. Simply pull up to our curbside pickup locations and request a meal for kids, just like our Summer Feeding sites. Kids do not need to attend DCSD Schools and do not need to be present for pickup. Please check the DCSD Nutrition Services website for pick-up locations, contact information, and FAQs.

Curriculum Updates

Literacy with Ms. Kronebusch and Ms. Lankford
Using our two column notes, we will create T-charts and related sentences about the work of Susan B. Anthony. Informative organizers will help us compare and contrast the lives of Cesar Chavez and Susan B. Anthony. In reading, we will identify the purpose, point of view, and basic elements of writing in narrative, informative-narrative, and informative texts. In grammar, we will study common and proper nouns. We are looking forward to the start of cursive handwriting!
Literacy with Ms. Mills
Our spelling focus will be words with long e (ee and ea). In grammar we will learn the difference between a proper and common noun and how to write a proper noun correctly. We will continue to identify important facts in informative text and write two column notes. We will use the notes to get additional practice in planning and writing a compare and contrast piece of writing. What is the difference between a rabbit and a hare? How are they the same? Ask your child what they learned!
Science with Ms. Schaub
We have been practicing reading weather data and learning to graph the data that we have found. This next week we will start looking at that more in depth and learning more about the different climates and weather that places around the world have. We will analyze 7 different parks around the world to determine the climate and weather for those areas. Students will also work with local weather data for each season to determine the best time for the school to have a carnival.
History with Ms. Krieger
In our upcoming week, our class will be learning about different landforms created by land and water. Our Core Knowledge focus will drive the landforms at the center of our discussion. After making a landform dictionary, students will create their own map of an imagined country and create a map key to represent the landforms we've learned about.