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Grade 3 News

May 10, 2020
We hope you are enjoying this lovely Mother’s Day Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful moms who have taken on a lot of new challenges lately. Balancing remote learning has not been an easy task and moms have played such a crucial role in making it all work. Thank you! We hope you feel loved and a little spoiled today and every day.
The countdown is on… 
We know almost everything about this trimester has been unusual, but our last 5 days of school assignments will follow our remote learning routine. This week Monday-Friday will be our last days of assignments for 3rd grade. Crazy, right?!? Please help your child keep a routine and stay on top of their schoolwork so we can finish the year strong!
Your child will not receive assignments on May 18th or 19th. Missing assignments not completed by noon on Tuesday, May 19th will not be scored. School computer turn-in starts on May 20th. Please check the email from our Dean of Students, Ryan Kolb, for the sign-up to turn in school computers (May 20 and 21) and/or collect student belongings (May 22-26).
When we send home your child’s belongings, we will include all the items from their desk, supply box, subject area notebooks and their GoMath! Workbooks. Next week, we will send out more information about some ideas you can use over summer to continue your child’s learning.
Zoom meetings scheduled for the week can be found on your child’s Outlook Calendar. There will be no Zoom Meetings on May 13th. Third grade teachers are scheduled to be at American Academy to help pack up student belongings and clean classrooms. May 18th and 19th Zoom meetings are an end of year celebration for our students. See student Outlook accounts for calendar invites and links.

Birthday Wishes for Ms. Schroeder
Many people have come up with some clever ways to wish those they care about a “Happy Birthday” while social distancing. Our Instructional Assistant, Ms. Schroeder, has a birthday coming up on May 14th. We’d like to send her our thoughts and wishes for her special day and we’re asking for a quick picture of your child holding a sign they’ve created with their birthday wishes. Please send all photos to Ms. Gant by Tuesday, May 14th so she can create a Brady Bunch type greeting with all the sweet little faces.


Field Day
Monday through Thursday this week will be regular remote learning days, but Friday, May 8th is a time to stop and celebrate field day. Since we can’t be together for our regular field day tradition, you can register for National Field Day for event cards and ideas.
The countdown is on…
We know almost everything about this trimester has been unusual, but our last 9 days of school assignments will follow our remote learning routine. This week, teachers will assign work Monday-Thursday and next week Monday-Friday. Please help your child keep a routine and stay on top of their schoolwork so we can finish the year strong!
There will not be any new assignments given for May 18th or 19th. Missing assignments not completed by noon on Tuesday, May 19th will not be scored. School computer turn-in starts on May 20th. Please check the email from our Dean of Students, Ryan Kolb, for the sign-up to turn in school computers (May 20 and 21) and/or collect student belongings (May 22-26).
Zoom meetings scheduled can be found on your child’s Outlook Calendar. There are two occasions that Zoom meetings will not be at our regular scheduled times.
• No Zoom meetings on May 13th- third-grade teachers are scheduled to be at American Academy to help pack up student belongings and clean classrooms
• May 18th and 19th- Zoom meeting invitations will be sent by homeroom, math class, literacy and history/science groups so students can do a fun activity with their teachers and say farewell for the summer. Teachers are planning something fun and will include directions in the invitation (i.e. bring a paper and pencil, your favorite stuffed animal, etc.)
Parent Feedback
If this is happening to your child, chances are they selected the wrong time zone when they set up their email account.
If you are using Office 365.
1. Login
2. Open Outlook
3. Click on the cog in the upper right hand corner and go to “View all Outlook Settings”.
4. Click on General Settings and Language and Time.

If you are using the Outlook application:

1. Click to open the Calendar by using icon in the lower left corner.
2. In the lower left-hand side, right click on the calendar icon.
3. Open Options.
4. Scroll to Time Zone.
5. Check that it is on Mountain Time.

Request from Teachers
Zoom is a great way for us to keep in touch with your children, teach them some concepts that are difficult to convey with remote learning, and answer student questions.
Please remind your child that Zoom should be treated like the classroom. They need to enter with their first or last name ONLY (no extra phrases or mention of another students name in their title), to choose a background that is appropriate and not distracting, and to show respect in their body language and what they say in the meeting. Classroom management from a distance can be difficult, so students that are distracting others from learning may be removed from the meeting by the teacher.
Many teachers will allow some time for fun sharing and interaction at the end of the lesson, so please remind your child to wait till the end if they have something they want to share.
April 19, 2020
We have gotten messages of grateful appreciation from many families who see all the thought and hard work put into creating meaningful lessons for students in OneNote. This positive feedback sustains us more than you know. Thank you for your recognition as we all work outside our comfort zone to keep our children learning. We took many of the kind email messages we’ve received and turned them into word art. The size of the words represents the frequency that word is used in your kind messages. Thank you for your grace and patience as we all navigate these uncharted waters together.
image of words from emails arranged horizontal and vertical in artwork

Parent Feedback
Every child is completely different and unique. As educators, we are used to seeing these differences on a daily basis. While we aren’t able to be with your children to help them adapt and adjust how much time they are spending on their work, we wanted to give you an idea on about how long the lessons we create should be taking your child on a daily basis. If your child is taking longer to complete their work, please get in touch with your child’s teacher with details (ie: are they having difficulty with the concept, is it a focus issue, etc.) to ask for ideas or suggestions.
▪ Math
    o 25-45 minutes/day
▪ History and Science
    o Less than 30 minutes/day
    o Complete them in any order you like (M/W work on science and Tu/Th work on history, on Fri do both like their schedule at school)
▪ Literacy
    o Less than 1 hour 30 minutes/day
        5-10 min: Grammar
        10-15 min: Vocabulary
        15-30 min: Reading
        15-30 min: Writing
Reminders from your Teachers
As teachers reflect on the week ahead and plan lessons for our third graders, our main goal is to set them up for success as they grow as students into 4th grade and beyond. Getting 100% on every assignment is not the goal, which is why teachers give feedback on assignments. The goal is learning! Do your best throughout the week and set aside a little time over the weekend or at the beginning of each week to review feedback and learn from mistakes
Look at Outlook for your child’s calendar of Zoom meetings for the week and help them pick out at least one to attend. If your child is feeling overwhelmed or short on time during the week, don't worry about the rest. Important information presented at Zoom meetings will be sent out by email in a video of the Zoom meeting.
For safety reasons, the link for each Zoom meeting can be found in the Outlook calendar invite. Please do not use the one link for each teacher that was sent out at the beginning of our use of Zoom.
Parent Feedback
Yes! As a matter of fact, after meeting with administration today, this is going to be our main way of communicating the times and method of our video calls with students. Our third-grade team is meeting with administration today to talk about some details around video conferencing with students and we will be in communication about the times for our class conferences via invites to Outlook soon.
It is our goal to check-in with our students as much as we can, but we would love to see all students on once a week. While the video teaching times teacher offer are optional, we do enjoy seeing and interacting with our students. We miss your children immensely and would like to make sure they are doing well and don’t have any burning questions that aren’t being answered.
Outlook Email
We are so impressed with how quickly your child is picking up on the technology we are now using for school work. Thank you for all of your support as we work to make the rest of this school year filled with quality learning for your child.
Your child should be checking teacher websites for instructions, opening OneNote for their classwork, AND checking their Outlook email for calendar invites to video conferences with teachers. Opening Outlook from Office 365 is easy. Your child can leave it open in the background while they are working.
PTO Gala Auction
The 2020 Black and White Gala has been cancelled, but don’t forget about the online auction. The auction began on Friday, April 10th and will end on April 18th. There are lots of amazing items to bid on this year, so please share our auction with friends and family. Winners must be able to pick up items in the Castle Pines, Castle Rock or Parker. We will schedule a time for pick up separately to keep everyone safe during this time.

Reviewing Feedback in Literacy OneNote
We try to give feedback in OneNote, whether it’s a sticker to say “Great work!” or a suggestion for improvement. You can also look in Infinite Campus for the assignment date and comments.
Two Suggestions/Recommendations:
1. Students could either go through their previous tabs from earlier in the week at the beginning of literacy each day, correcting any mistakes before starting their work for that day.
2. Or, they could wait until the weekend when we’ve given feedback for their whole week, and click through each tab from the week to double-check that everything’s complete and corrected.
We will score the assignments from previous week on Monday, so students have through the weekend to look at suggestions and feedback in OneNote, and make any corrections needed. Once we’ve graded their work in OneNote (all grading details will be in that assignment tab in OneNote), we will post their scores in IC. We usually choose one assignment from each subject area to take for a grade for that week (grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing). The assignment description in IC will specify on Monday which assignments we’ve selected to grade.

April 5, 2020
Feedback from Third Grade Families
We are listening to your feedback on how online learning is working for your family. We hope some clarification on a few items might help with some of your concerns.

Our team will grade assignments from the week Sunday evening or Monday morning the week AFTER things were assigned. This means you can make a calendar of the to-do lists for each subject and fill-in the tasks assigned wherever they fit best in your family's schedule for the week. It is our goal to have work posted around 24 hours before that work is assigned so families can work ahead if they are able to do so.

The Students Quicklinks page on the AA website is a great site to bookmark on the computer that your child uses for school work. The majority of websites used in our assignments are there. If there is a website your child is unfamiliar with, a link to the website is most likely embedded in the OneNote where teachers are giving the assignment. In OneNote, there is also a tab called Technology Resources that can be used if you have any questions about content area website sources.

Third grade is a big year for mastering typing, and would have been a big focus during our instruction if we were at school. Having no choice in giving paper assignments right now, you child is practicing typing while learning new content, which can be difficult. In OneNote, there is a "Dictate" button on the home menu that your child can use. If your child uses this feature frequently, we encourage them to take extra time to practice typing outside of their OneNote work. This feature will only work if your computer has a microphone feature.

Sit down with your child to test it out so they can use it with independence when needed.
▪ Click on Dictate Button in Home Menu
▪ Allow OneNote to access use of computer microphone
▪ Double click in the location your child wants the text
▪ Practice speaking slow and clear so the dictation tool can type their ideas

*This tool is not perfect and there may be confusion in what your child says and what it types, but we hope it will help build some independence in your child's work.

Optional: Have your child visit to practice a typing program that will increase their proficiency at their own pace.

Communication from Teachers
Please see below for a clear vision on the communication available to your family from our team.

Student Work
▪ Review teacher feedback from the previous week in OneNote to ensure your student is mastering concepts.
   o If a tab in OneNote is in bold letters, it means your teacher has added feedback or suggestions, so make sure you're checking for feedback!
▪ Print the webpage under each teacher's tab for a list of the week's assignments
   o Use the To-Do List as a planner, then check OneNote for the specifics of the assignments.
   o OneNote is listed in same order of our lists we post on the website, so they have all the tools and           instructions they need in both places.
March 29, 2020
Last week was a learning curve for us all (thank you for hanging in there!). We anticipated that the first week might include a lot of questions via email but moving forward teachers would like to dedicate more time reviewing student work. Please check the three places listed above before emailing with a question.
We know all families have unique circumstances with this “new normal”. Please contact us with concerns you have about balancing online school with these new life situations. We are here for you and want to support your family and your child’s continued education. Our team will be posting assignments further in advance (around 24 hours earlier) so you can help your child prepare to be more independent each school day. If you have extenuating circumstances, (work shifts, child care restrictions, technology sharing within the home) and these times are difficult for you to manage, please reach out to us so we can help accommodate your schedule.

Teacher Feedback for Students
As educators, understanding what concepts students need more support with is very difficult during online learning. As teachers, we are not able to do our usual observations with in-class work and projects, informal questions, and listening to thoughts and ideas being discussed in partners or small groups.
Our team will continue to give tests and assessments during this time because it is one of the ways we can gauge how we need support your child’s learning. When your child has a test or quiz, we want your support in encouraging them to take their time and do their best work. Children should be completing all of the work for a test or quiz independently because as educators we need to know what they are capable of and what they still need as learners.

Math grading will continue to be put in the gradebook on a daily basis. In our other subject areas (reading, writing, grammar, spelling, history and science), students will receive one grade each week. Teachers will pick one assignment from the week to enter into Infinite Campus. Students should be completing all assignments with their best effort by Sunday evening each week. Teachers will start reviewing work for the week after this time. All assignments will be reviewed by teachers and feedback will be given to students in OneNote.

When your child starts their next week of work, please take a moment to go back and review teacher comments. We have seen so many students putting great effort into their work. We are so proud of what you're learning!
As literacy teachers, we value giving feedback to your children on the concepts we are learning each day. Like most learning, our concepts build on top of one another and we want to help correct errors in thinking with students when we see misunderstandings. We would like to continue giving valuable feedback to your children. Having work completed by 9:00am the day after the work is listed in our online posts and in OneNote will be helpful as we continue online learning.

Starting next week, a prerequisite for joining our literacy Zooms is that your child has completed the assignment for that day. They’ll have all morning to work on it before the afternoon meeting time. Then, for whoever decides to join, we will talk about the chapter in more depth (like we would if we were in the classroom) and go over the questions they answered. We will also let them ask any other questions about assignments at this time.
Excused Absences
Please use the School Dismissal Manager application if your child is unable to e-learn during one of our online school days. This is the normal procedure you would usually follow if your child were to be absent.
A Note from Our School Counselor, Ms. Stasio
Hi friends! If your child would like to let me know how they are doing or would like to chat with me, they can fill this survey out! I would love to hear from you! I hope you are all doing well.

Common Technology Issues
 What to do if you delete/change something?
o Copy from Teacher Notebook/Content Library
 Go to Teachers Notebook/Content library
 Select from the tab menu to highlight the tab you’d like
 Copy the tabs you need to replace (right click, copy or Ctrl+C)
 Paste (right click, paste or Ctrl+V)
o Click undo button
 From Home menu, look in top left corner for undo button
 Putting Assignments into OneNote
o Upload Picture into OneNote
 Go to Insert menu
 Click on Pictures
• Use picture from computer camera or file from phone to input picture into OneNote
 Syncing
o Right-click the notebook name in the Notebooks list, click Sync, and then click Sync This Notebook.
o If not loaded after 10 minutes, check Teacher Notebook/Content Library and copy tabs to past into your notebook (see above)

 Please click the BLUE button – login with MS Azure AD
 Please enter the student AA email address and password
March 16, 2020
Access to Teacher Instructions
As previously stated by administration, starting March 24 you will receive an email by 9:00 am with directions from your child’s teachers for different subject areas.  To encourage independence for students, the same information sent via email will also be posted on the Grade 3 web page ( Campus, Castle Pines- Classrooms, Grade 3) under the tab with the teacher’s name. 
Expectations for Students
Students will have 24 hours (9:00 am the following day) to complete the learning goals/objectives sent out and posted online each day for their subjects (literacy, math, science and history).  Students know how to use their Outlook email accounts and can communicate with teachers via email, if needed. Proactively sitting down with your child to discuss this opportunity for growing independence and setting-up routines that will give them guidance each day will help them find success at online learning. 
Online Learning Tools
As teachers, we are creating lessons with online tools students are familiar with to replicate the learning that would have taken place in our classrooms.  Most of the work for math will be done on Think Central with Go Math.  For other subject areas, students will login to their Office 365 account to use One Note.  Office 365 can also be used to access Outlook for school related emails. 
Teacher Support
These are unprecedented times and online learning as the main source of instruction will be new to all of us.  Please know that our third-grade team is here to support you and your child.  As online teachers, we will be spending a lot of time reviewing student work (writing feedback on the side in OneNote), emailing with parents/students, and creating meaningful online lessons.  Please check resources sent out to see if a question has already been answered before emailing teachers.  Prior to March 23rd, our team will send one more email with step by step directions for getting on Office 365 and FAQ’s about passwords and using OneNote. 
Wishing you all the best,
Jennifer Gant
Instructor, Third Grade
Kristen Krieger
Lead Instructor, Third Grade
Deedra Lankford
Instructor, Third Grade
Trisha Mills
Senior Instructor, Ability Grouping
Rebecca O'Neil
Instructor, Third Grade