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Castle Pines

Grade 3 News

December 13, 2019

As we all know, the excitement and magic around the holiday season can throw us a bit from our normal routine. Our third graders were working the last two weeks to keep their excellent American Academy Character during this busy time and earn a pajama day for the day of our holiday party. We are pleased to announce that your children were able to accomplish this goal and will have pajama day on Thursday, Dec. 19 to celebrate their hard work. If your child does not want to wear pajamas, that is just fine. 
Literacy Home Project Opportunity
Literacy is looking for a few good parents who would enjoy an at home project involving punching holes in 120 sets of notecards, joined by a metal ring. We will provide all of the materials, and will divide the project between three parents for all three of our literacy teachers. If you are interested, please email your literacy teacher so we get these goody bundles to kick off a project after break.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Lexile Level
We are already a few months into the school year and so pleased with how much your children are growing. Please look for an updated Lexile level in your child's planner when picking a good fit book for any upcoming reading.

Curriculum Updates
This week, our class will solidify our learning about Roman class systems while creating dioramas for patricians (city homes called Domus) and plebeians (apartments called Insulae). Please remind your child to bring in a shoe or cereal box on Monday. We will talk about daily life in Rome like shopping in a Roman Forum, what kind of clothing they wore, how children would learn, and what kinds of foods they might eat.
Dinner Table Question: What are some similarities and differences between our government in the United States and the Roman Republic?

We will put the final touches on our mysteries and publish! Analogies will introduce us to fun, figurative language. Using our skills with two column notes, we will identify key ideas and facts as we learn about exotic spiders in Spiders Secrets. We will wrap up our week with diamante poetry, just in time for the holiday season!

This week we will not have a spelling test due to it being a short week and winter parties on Thursday. We will review plural nouns and the correct way to write various nouns plural. Our biggest focus this week is to finish writing our mysteries and publish them, before we go on break. Our mystery vocabulary test will be on Tuesday. Words and definitions have already been sent home with students to study. They can also get on Spelling City to practice.

We will finally complete our ADI lesson next week with the written report. Students will put together all that they have learned in this Investigation! It has been a lot of fun and I hope they have enjoyed learning more about how magnetism works! When we get back from Winter Break students will be going to their second STEM unit until the end of January!