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Grade 3 News

Friday, April 19, 2019

Dear Third Grade Parents,
What a busy time of the year we are in right now! We know that there is a lot going on between testing, book reports and lots of schedule changes. It is time for the final push and we appreciate everyone’s support to get make it all happen! Please read thoroughly for all that is going on in third grade for the next couple weeks!

We will start MAP testing next week! Students will test Monday – Thursday in either their literacy block or their science/history block. Please help your student to get a good nights’ sleep and come prepared to do their best each day! Also, please minimize absences so that students do not have to spend time making up tests!

Ms. Kreiger is in need of a few more families to sign up to take her class pet Speedy home to care for. Please see the link for sign up opportunities! Caring for Speedy will count towards volunteer hours!
Curriculum Updates
As we wrap up our Native American legend, we will celebrate our learning about Early Americans by using our knowledge to create. Integrating STEM in our history learning, your child will be given specific items that "represent" materials available within a region we learned about in class. Their challenge will be to see if they can create a shelter that will protect their Native American people from weather, large animals, and small animals.
After our STEM challenge, we will begin our unit on Explorers of North America. Starting with explorers from Spain, Christopher Columbus will be the first explorer we discuss. We will discuss what Columbus believed he was sailing toward and where he actually landed. Ponce de Leon and Hernando De Soto are other Spanish explorers that went looking for one thing and found something different than they expected.
Dinner Table Questions:
Why did Columbus call the native people he met "Indians"?
Why do you think the natives shot poisonous arrows at the explorers who landed in the Florida area (like Ponce de Leon)?

We have really enjoyed our genetics and heredity unit! I hope you learned something along with your students as we dipped our toe into this vast scientific understanding! My hope it that they will continue to ask questions and wonder about why we look and act the way we do! Next, we will spend time learning about animals that lived long ago and talking about fossils, learning about why animal choose a particular habitat and other animal characteristics!

We continue our novel study of John Reynolds Gardiner’s Stone Fox, which follows the heartwarming journey of Little Willy and his dog Searchlight as they band together to save the family potato farm. Class discussions and activities will guide students to dig a little deeper into the traits, motivations, and characteristics of the main characters in Stone Fox. The identification and usage of descriptive adjectives lead our grammar focus, alongside a review of alphabetizing to the third and fourth letter.

Next week's sound focus is words that end with -er and -le (river, apple). The following week we will have words that begin with a- and be- (above, below). In grammar we will work on using the correct pronouns in sentences as well as using helping verbs. We will wrap up our poetry unit and then dive into a novel study on Stone Fox. The reading and comprehension skills we have been working on all year will be put to good use as we read this novel. Don’t forget book reports are due on May 9!
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Backpack and School Supplies Drive
The Rebel Service Club is collecting backpacks and school supplies to be given to families in need here at AA and in Douglas County. Please consider donating any of the following items between Monday, April 8th and Friday, May 10th:
New or “like new” backpacks (any size, color, or style)
• #2 pencils
• Crayons (24 pack)
• Markers (8 or 10 pack)
• Colored Pencils (12 pack)
• Folders (any color)
• Spiral Bound notebooks (wide ruled)
• Bottled glue
• Glue Sticks
• Pink Erasers
• Tissue Boxes

There is no limit to how much you can donate & the grade level that donates the most total items will win a popsicle party during the last week of school! J Thanks for helping our kids grow in their character traits humility, and generosity by being an active part of this end-of-year supply drive!
Upcoming Events
Apr 22-25 MAP testing