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February 15, 2018


This busy cold and flu season has nearly wiped out our Kleenex supply here at school. If your family is willing and able to send in a few extra boxes to your child's homeroom teacher, we would greatly appreciate it!

Please check in with your student to make sure they have all required supplies in their binders. Many students are running out of supplies and they can store extras in their homerooms.


Valentine's Day
Thank you for all the thoughtful Valentine's goodies!


Fidget Toys
Fidget toys are all the rage these days, but their use at school has become more as a toy than a learning tool.  It has become a huge distraction (and in the case of some homemade balloon stress balls… quite a mess of flour on the floor).  Unless your child is on a documented plan (in which parents and teachers have agreed on a fidget tool as an accommodation), please keep all fidget toys at home. 


Curriculum Updates (for the weeks of February 19th and 26th) 

Science with Ms. Gant

Science classes will be starting STEM again soon! Their first day will be Tuesday, February 27th and will go until Spring Break.

History with Ms. Krieger

Hard to believe that in only one more week, we will be wrapping up our Viking unit.  Our discussions will continue as we learn more about Norse mythology; including myths about the gods and goddesses and the belief that the world was formed around a large tree that would one day fall.  Students will bring study guides and history notebooks home today.  When our Viking unit is finished, we will learn about some new tools in One Note that will be important in assignments that your child will have here at American Academy.  Starting this last trimester in 3rd grade and growing as your child moves through 4th and 5th grade, you will begin to see a big increase in the class work done through Office 365.

Literacy with Ms. Anthenien and Ms. Lankford

Next week we celebrate the culmination of our biography study. We are so proud of the hard work that went into this research project. Students will present their typed, final research papers and show off their creative biography posters. Poetry will be our reading and writing focus over the next few weeks. We will practice using figurative language while trying our hand at several different types of poetry. Over the next couple of weeks in reading, we will get Crazy Like a Fox and experiment with similes. In grammar, we will deepen our study of dialogue in our writing.

Literacy with Ms. O'Mara

WoW!! I just want to start by saying how proud I am of my third graders!! They have learned so much during our biography unit. We will finish and present our biographies this coming week, the posters look great! In the next two weeks our sound focus is both compound words and words ending in -ed and -ing. Please make sure your child is studying their words. Our reading focus will include main idea/detail, literal and nonliteral meanings, and story structure. We will also be learning more dictionary and glossary tips and strategies. Our grammar focus is complete, fragment, and run on sentences. Thank you for all of your support at home and have a fun and long weekend!

Literacy with Ms. Freeman

Did you know a pair of bears will eat all your pears until the tree is bare?!  

We are focusing on vowel + /r/ words along with some fun homophones as you can tell!  We will be working on playing with words using figurative language-- alliteration, similes, and metaphors in order to read and create poetry.  I like to grab the boys' attention with silly poems and focusing on the fact that they can finally write short phrases. 

Want to say thank you for all your support with the book reports and biography posters.  They were so very proud of the hard work they did.