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Castle Pines

Grade 3 News

April 23, 2021
Parent Communication
Our school year without parents in the school building has left us missing our connections with you. We wanted to send a friendly reminder that you can access Kickboard for a sneak peak at the AA Characters that make your child shine and behavior reminders your child has needed here at school. If you are unsure what your username is because it was setup in a prior grade, you can email Ms. Krieger or Ms. Major (our Dean of Students) for help.
For all academic feedback, please make sure you continue checking Infinite Campus as we finish the year strong. You can sit down with your child to review grades earned during the week and upcoming assignments or assessments that may need support from you at home (i.e. book report, study guides for upcoming tests).
Our last set of Parent Teacher Conferences are quickly approaching on May 5th and 6th. An email to sign-up for third grade conferences will be sent out on April 28th so please keep an eye out for an email from Ms. Krieger.

Please ask your child if they have a earbud or headphone set to use at school. Our end of year assessments requires our students to have headphones and several have become lost or broken over the course of the year.

Cleanliness Matters
Our classroom is running very low on disinfecting wipes! We have been hard at work keeping our classroom clean all year, and to continue to do so we need your help! I know at the beginning of the year many families were unable to find disinfecting wipes, but if you are able to send some in now or at any point before the end the school year, it would be much appreciated.
Curriculum Updates
Next week, we will get to show what we know about our growth this year through iReady Reading and our Benchmark Writing! During the next few weeks we are going to read our final novel of 3rd grade, the children's classic Pollyanna. We will spend time daily reading as a class and independently, engaging in classroom discussions, and completing comprehension activities. Our novel study will conclude with written summary project and a viewing of the Pollyanna movie. We are also looking forward to our last round of Book Report Presentations on May 10th!

This first week, the focus will be end of the year testing. Students will show what they have learned in 3rd grade through i-Ready testing and the writing benchmark. There will be no spelling test or fluency homework this week. We will also begin reading the novel Pollyanna.
The following week we will have our final spelling test. The spelling concept is adding endings to words that end in y. They need to change the y to an i, before adding the ending (baby + es = babies). Our grammar focus will be on using adjectives that compare (bigger, biggest). We will also continue reading Pollyanna and learn how to write summaries. Don't forget book reports are due soon! Please check Infinite Campus!

We just finished up our life cycles and traits unit, so we will be moving into our Habitats and Change unit! Now that we have the knowledge about different animals and how they survive in different environments, we will be diving deeper into those different environments and the habitats within them. We will also be learning about dinosaurs and how the environments have changed since that time. The kiddos are excited about this unit, since we get to spend some time on dinosaurs and fossils!

Our thirteen colonies unit is up and running with several exciting stories. As we learn about the different colonies, we will discuss the regions that make them unique and study where they are on the map. Our quiz in this unit will have us memorizing the location of these colonies so we can label them on a map. While New England and the Southern Colonies are most influenced by English culture, we will discuss how the Middle Colonies attracted people from all over Europe. The stories and people we learn about will teach us about how people longing for a better life can become very resourceful as they persevere to survive in the new place they call home. Please remember to check Infinite Campus for details on assignments and assessments as we build up our study skills to get ready for 4th grade.