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Castle Pines

Grade 2 News

Hello Second Grade Families,
We had a great week here in Second Grade! Here is what is going on next week.

Dean’s Den- a Message from your Dean
The end of trimester is coming and the students have worked hard to earn their Rebel Bucks. Good news is, the students running total will carry over to the next trimester, so they can keep saving or spend away in their respective class kickboard stores.

As you all know, part of American Academy attendance includes our student uniform policy. All uniform tops and bottoms must be purchased through Dennis Uniform.

Below are uniform reminders:

▪ Students MUST wear approved Dennis Uniform shorts, pants, and tops.
▪ Students are NOT allowed to wear long-sleeved undershirts under their American Academy uniform shirt.
▪ On dress-of-choice days, students MUST follow the guidelines of the uniform policy. Students cannot wear tank tops or any shirt that does not cover the shoulders.
▪ On dress-of-choice days, students who choose to wear leggings MUST have shirts that are the length of their fingertips when their arms are placed down at their side.
▪ Students are NOT allowed to wear Smart Watches this includes Fit Bit, Gizmos, Apple, Garmin, etc.
▪ Students are NOT allowed to wear shoes that light up.
▪ Students are NOT allowed to wear hoodies that are not from American Academy.
▪ Students Must have their shirts tucked in.
▪ Male students may not wear ¾ compression shorts / tights underneath their shorts.
▪ Socks must follow the American Academy uniform policy. They may be white, black, navy blue or red in color.

Students who arrive at school outside of uniform will be asked to call home for the appropriate attire.

Thank you for all of your help making the Diwali Party special. We could not have do it without you. The study guide was sent home for the test on Monday. We are so excited to start out new unit on Ancient Greece.

We are continuing to work on our habitat unit with the study of habitats and animals. Your students have been working on a bird feeder. Ask them what they chose to make.

We are so excited about our Stone Soup mini-unit that we will be learning about next week in honor of Thanksgiving. We would love it if you could donate the supplies to each of our classrooms HERE!


Mrs. Brubaker, Ms. Fisher, Mrs. Mullen, and Mrs. Qualley