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Castle Pines

Grade 2 News

Friday, January 18, 2019 
Dear Second Grade Parents,

We are wrapping up a wonderful week in 2nd grade with a snowy afternoon here at school! Please read below to see what we have planned for the week ahead.
We will be holding Math Winter Conferences on Wednesday, January 23rd and Thursday, January 24th. Please look for the sign-up that was sent from your child’s Math teacher. If you have questions concerning conferences, please reach out to your child’s Math teacher!
To honor Martin Luther King Jr. and learn more about his life, students will be writing an informative about him next week. When writing a paragraph, the kids learn how to plan out their ideas using a T-chart, create a rough draft, and then revise to prepare for their final draft. We are so excited about the writers they are becoming!
We will be wrapping up our unit on the War of 1812 and beginning our new unit on Signs and Symbols. Be sure to ask your kids about the meaning behind the words in the Star Spangled Banner!
Thank you SO much for sending in supplies for our Science experiments. We are all set now to do them! Next week, students will be continuing to observe the properties that materials have and trying to figure out the question, “Can you really fry an egg on a sidewalk?” They will then figure out which properties would make the best potholders. Be sure to ask them about their findings!
Enjoy your THREE-day weekend!
The Second Grade Team
Mrs. Mullen, Mrs. Brubaker, Ms. Fisher, and Mrs. Qualley