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Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Dear Parents,

We had a terrific week in first grade! Below you will find some important reminders. 


Delayed Start Next Week
Next Tuesday, February 27th, American Academy is having a very important all-staff security training that requires a late school start at our Castle Pines campus. This will be a 60-MINUTE (1-HOUR) LATE SCHOOL START. All morning K-8 extracurricular activities will be canceled.
K-8 classes will begin at 9:05 am.
Classroom Needs
We are reaching out to ask for a donation of disinfectant spray and Lysol wipes to help keep our classroom clean. With the flu and other illnesses going around it is important for us to keep the classrooms as clean as possible.

Field Trip
First Grade will be taking their next field trip to the History Colorado Center on Wednesday, March 14th. Please sign your child up for the field trip as soon as possible. More details will be announced and chaperones will be asked closer to the date.

Next week in History, we will begin learning about the culture in Mexico. We will learn about certain traditions and National Holiday’s celebrated. Students will then compare their own culture with the culture in Mexico. Ask your child if they can tell you how their culture is similar or different from Mexico’s.

In Science next week, we will finish up our unit on Earth’s place in the universe. Students will learn the names of each moon phase. We will then create some helpful tools to help us remember each phase. This will be the last week our students will be “Moon Watchers”, but remember the observations can always continue at home.

Next week in Literacy, students will learn more about perseverance and discuss ways they show this character trait to their parents, peers, or teachers. Students will then independently complete their own perseverance writing focusing on complete sentences and transition words. Ask your child if they can discuss a time they showed perseverance.

Have a great weekend!
Sincerely, The 1st Grade Team
Mrs. Valentine, Ms. Montgomery, Mrs. Curl, and Ms. Ginn