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Castle Pines

Grade 1 News

Friday August 29, 2019
Dear Parents,
Below is information for the upcoming week. Enjoy your holiday weekend!
Lunch Pin Pad Template
Please continue to practice your students ID number for hot lunches.
All uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times. We have been sending students home with “homework” this week to please practice tucking in uniform tops into shorts, pants and skirts.
We also need help practicing tying shoes at home. This is a safety concern for your child and other children as well. Tripping or stepping on untied shoes laces can lead to many accidents.
We greatly appreciate your help in these “homework” assignments.
Back to School Night
The Back to School presentation is posted on the AA website. The links are as follows:
Campuses>Castle Pines>Grade 1>Downloads
Next week we are starting our first units in our curriculum. Students will be learning about nouns and starting narrative writings. Spelling lists will be sent home each week and tests will be given on Thursdays. You can also find the lists posted in Infinite Campus. Our first test will be Thursday September 5.
We will be starting our first unit over germs. Students will learn about how easily germs are spread and how quickly germs “run away” from soap! Be sure to ask your student about the “soap and pepper” experiment we will be doing in class.
Next week we will be starting our unit over Maps and Globes. Students will be learning about the difference between maps and globes, oceans, continents, directions and a compass rose. Be sure to have your student sing the 7 continents song.

Sincerely, the 1st Grade Team
Mrs. Curl, Mrs. Dyer/Anthenien, Ms. Escude/Valentine, Mrs. Miller