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Castle Pines

Grade 5 Technology Links

Geometric robot creature against a blue sky background A pink rocket points skyward on an orange background surrounded by a red hot air balloon and two yellow helicopters Three yellow digital ducks on a blue background face a red duck
A digital illustration of a boy's face (Tim) in a yellow circle Head of cartoon woman with blue eyes and black hair The letters "c", "o", "d", and "e" in separate black boxes on a teal background
Dark shadow figure in trench coat and hat walks on street at night in front of store Group of colorful cartoon figures dancing on white background A grey checkbox on a white circle with a green border
Blue lowercase e with orange lines bursting from the top on a dark grey background Three illustrated characters, one green, one orange and one blue, sitting and reading and smiling Kahoot!
Yellow and grey cartoon honeybee smiling against a brown background Yellow heart with a peaceful face and clasped hands on a pick background with dark pink paper airplane shapes Blue circle with white lines in a diamond-shaped icon in the center
Boy with blue skin and dark hair smiles and points to head Simple white logo shapes form stylized n on bright blue background Black and white checkered flag with red racing flame on a textured black background
A cartoon map with buildings on a green grass Big orange cat with white muzzle Purple, orange, and green lines pivot around center point in a seesaw motion
Simple blue bird shape with one black eye and a black crown A bright white moon and stars glow on a dark blue background A cartoon racoon with a hat holds a frog in each hand and one on top of his head
A digital illustration of a boy in sunglasses wearing a blue long-sleeved tshirt that has a qwerty keyboard and the word "fun" on it and pointing his thumbs at himself Cartoon black spider hangs from a thread on white background Image of grey U.S. map on which orange circles with yellow icons point to places