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Castle Pines

Grade 1 Technology Links

A digital illustration of a girl's face with dark hair and red glasses in a yellow circle The letters c, o, d, and e in separate black boxes on a teal background Comic illustration of a grey hippo with a green backpack facing a brown hedgehog
Colorful illustration of orange fingertips on a grey computer keyboard with some of the keys in bright colors Three illustrated characters, one green, one orange and one blue, sitting and reading and smiling  Kahoot!
Kodable Blue circle with white lines in a diamond-shaped icon in the center Yellow field with a green circle. Inside the circle a cartoon boys face with a thought bubble with PBS inside it. Kids is wrtten under the circle.
Face of a robot with big open smile and blue eyes on a background of yellow radiating stripes and stars Illustration of a girl with pink track pants and a boy in a cowboy hat running Purple, orange, and green lines pivot around center point in a seesaw motion
The text Silk Interactive Generative Art on a black field. A blue fractal under the text. Simple blue bird shape with one black eye and a black crown A blond girl in a pink shirt and a dark-haired boy in glasses look at computers while smiling
Image of grey U.S. map on which orange circles with yellow icons point to places