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Castle Pines

About Ms. Carlson


Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, MSU Denver

Special Awards

Summa Cum Laude, Meritorious Achievement Award from The Kennedy Center in Dramaturgy, National Youth Arts Award - Outstanding Makeup and Hair Design for The Little Mermaid, Nomination from National Youth Arts for Outstanding Direction for Singin' in the Rain


Denver, CO


Traveling and vacations, movies, reading plays and books, hanging out with my kids, eating, skiing, dancing, and watching all types of theatre


I have three children who attend AA Castle Pines, one at Valor, my husband, and a yellow lab named Thor

Favorite Things


Allergies: Cheese except Mozzarella

Coffee/tea: Mocha

Snack: Red Vines and Sour Patch Kids

Night out restaurant: Pizza - ANY Place or Hacienda Colorado

Lunch restaurant: Mad Greens

Place to shop: Amazon

Clothing store/style: Nordstrom, CABI

Movies (out or in): Live Theatre

Bookstore: Amazon

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Any

Color: Orange

Sports team(s): Broncos

Silly fact about me: I love doing cartwheels