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Castle Pines

About Ms. Fisher


BS Elementary Education with a concentration in Child Development and learning. , Central Michigan University

Home Town

Kingsley, Michigan


Camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, traveling.


Brother that lives in Michigan and Hogan, black English lab dog


Favorite Things


Classroom wishes: Tubs for my Library, lamps, books

Allergies: Bananas are gross

Coffee/tea: Any Iced coffee is great! I also LOVE Tea. However, coconut milk if milk is necessary

Snack: Salt and Vinegar chips, Swedish Fish

Night out restaurant: Any Mexican restaurant!

Lunch restaurant: Nachos, or french fires

Place to shop: Target, Barns and Nobel, Lush

Clothing store/style: Loft, Target,

Movies (out or in): Theater

Bookstore: Barns and Nobel

Holiday: Halloween

Flower: Sunflowers/ Daisy

Color: Blue

Sports team(s): Detroit Red Wings

Silly fact about me: I can't whistle