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Castle Pines

About Ms. Ekstrom


B.A. in Business Management, B.A. Colorado State University

Home town

Littleton, CO


Hiking, skiing, running, traveling, paddle boarding,


Two daughters and our St. Bernard, Bear!  :)


Favorite Things


Allergies: None

Coffee/tea: Soy Chai latte or Blacktea/lemonade

Snack: Popcorn, almonds, fresh fruit

Night out restaurant: White Chocolate Grill, PF Changs, Melting Pot

Lunch restaurant: Chik-fil-a, Panera, Mad Greens

Place to shop: Pier 1, The Barn in CR, Emporium

Clothing store/style: Athleta

Movies (out or in): Home

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Columbine and Sunflowers

Color: Blue

Sports team(s): Broncos and Packers