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Castle Pines

About Ms. Brubaker


B.A. in Economics, Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder

M.A. Elementary Education, Univeristy of Phoenix

Home Town

Orange County, CA


Running, Hiking, Camping, and playing with my kids

Special Awards

Linguistically Diverse Educator


I live with my husband and two sons in Castle Pines.  My sons also attend American American Academy, and I have the pleasure of seeing their smiling faces as I walk through the halls.

Favorite Things


Allergies: Black licorice

Coffee/tea: Peach Flavored Tea, Chai tea latte with almond milk

Snack: Old Trapper beef jerky, Dill Pickle popcorn, Chocolate

Night out restaurant: Any

Lunch restaurant: Mad greens, Chipotle, Cafe Rio, Panera

Place to shop: Nordtsrom, Athleta

Clothing store/style: Nordtsrom, Athleta

Movies (out or in): Alamo, Regal, AMC, Denver Center for Performing Arts

Bookstore: Amazon

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Daisy

Color: Pink, Black and Neutrals

Sports team(s): Broncos